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Control your fuel costs with an Allstar fuel card

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Ease pressure on your company’s time and finances with an Allstar fuel card and access to the UK’s largest filling station network (around 8,000 locations).

Use Allstar fuel cards at around 8,000 filling stations nationwide

The Allstar network is the largest in the UK by a mile. With around 8,000 sites nationwide, your drivers will never have to drive off route in order to use their fuel card. This saves both time and money. Use our free online route deviation tool to find out how much this could save you.

Eliminate the hassle of fuel receipts

Your driver presents the card as payment and your company is sent one consolidated invoice. No more need for drivers to keep receipts and claim fuel expenditure back on expenses. The card is restricted to fuel and other vehicle related purchases, so snacks and drinks cannot be added to the bill!

Less hassle for your drivers, less administration for you.

6 Reasons to Choose Fuel Cards Over 'Pay and Reclaim'

Easily claim 100% of your business fuel VAT

It is a legal requirement to have an HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) approved receipt in order to claim back your business fuel VAT. With one HMRC compliant invoice there’s no need to rely on drivers to collect receipts and hand them in!

No. of CarsAnnual Business miles per carCost of fuel* Total annual VAT to claim back
5 10,000 £7,223 £1,204
10 10,000
£14,446 £2,408
30 10,000
£43,339 £7,223
40 10,000
£57,785 £9,631

*This table is an example and for illustrative purposes only.

Stop paying a fixed pence-per-mile rate

If you’re paying your drivers a fixed pence-per-mile rate, you could be paying them too much! A fuel card identifies the cost of the fuel used.

No. of CarsAnnual Business miles per carAverage pence per mileActual cost per mileSaving per annum
5 10,000 15 13.5 £750
10 10,000
30 10,000
40 10,000


Take the Fuel Card Challenge, our free online tool, to work out how much your business could save.

Easy and secure to use

When a driver uses the fuel card as payment, they are asked for the mileage and registration number of the vehicle. Depending on the type of card, they may also be asked for a signature. The card has a number of security features to help protect your business.

Online reporting

Understanding your fuel spend is the only way to reduce cost. Use Allstar’s online reporting to track your spending and see the type of fuel your drivers are buying and where. With this information you could instruct your drivers to choose lower cost sites like supermarkets for example, and not to use the more expensive motorway sites or buy premium fuel. Online reporting also allows you to check that your instructions are being followed.

Our Business Mileage Monitor System can help organisations gather further data including business and personal mileage splits for even better information.

Find out more about the Allstar card, Supermarket card or public sector MonitorCard.