Allstar Fuel Card Services

Allstar Fuel Card Services enables more than 38,000 businesses and 1.1million drivers the ability to purchase fuel in an easy and efficient way.

Allstar Fuel Cards provide customers with a way of reducing fuel costs, of having maximum control over fuel expenses and access to an extensive network of fuel sites.

With some of the most sophisticated control and reporting tools available, Allstar Fuel Card Services is a great choice for any business looking to consolidate all of their fuel requirements into one simple transaction.

Allstar Fuel cards allow businesses to:
• Reduce administration costs without the need to gather receipts from multiple drivers
• Have better control over which products are purchased using a fuel card
• Reduce or eliminate the need for cash and/or corporate credit cards
• Improve cash flow within the business with regular invoices and payments
• HMRC approved, VAT invoices