More than just fuel...

Allstar Fuel Card Services

Our services are designed to help you save money on fuel and take control of your company vehicles.

More than 38,000 businesses and 1.1 million drivers use an Allstar fuel card to get access to the largest network of fuel sites in the UK. But there’s more to Allstar than just fuel.

We also help you cut down on repetitive administration with consolidated invoices and accurate online reporting. Plus, you can pick and choose from our additional services, including service, maintenance and repair, to suit your business.


Allstar fuel cards help you:

  • Save money on fuel – Giving you access to the lowest priced fuel and the largest network of sites in the UK
  • Master your fuel management – With better visibility and control over your drivers’ fuel spend
  • Stop repetitive administration – We provide you with a single, consolidated HMRC-friendly invoice
  • Safeguard against fraud risk - Fuel cards remove the need for your drivers to use cash or company credit cards and you can further protect each transaction with our advanced chip technology.
  • Improve your cash flow with regular, predictable fuel payments to suit you

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