The agreement between you and us including the application form and applicable terms and conditions.


A card or other payment method we have issued and which can be used to purchase Goods and Services, including but not limited to Chip and PIN Cards, Non PIN Cards, Non Standard Cards, magnetic stripe cards, voucher cards, card numbers and virtual cards.

Card Charge

The charge (plus VAT) that we charge you for each Card.


Any person you authorise to use the Card.


As defined in clause 8 of the Agreement.

Charge Point

A wall or upstand unit for putting electricity into the batteries of electric vehicles.  These can include private units, or public units operated by a Charge Point Operator.  

Charge Point Operator

A Charge Point Operator is a company operating a pool of Charge Points. Charge Point Operators allow session payments using our Card to connect to and charge from an electricity supply under the terms of the Agreement.

Charge Point Provider

Company that installs and/or maintains the charging session data of a private Charge Point.

Chip and PIN Card

A Card that we issue and which includes chip and PIN technology.

Consequential Losses

Losses that are not a direct result of anyone breaking any of the terms of the Agreement.


A driver; who may also be a Cardholder; authorised by you to use the Homecharge Service.

Driver App

The mobile application and any other relevant software identified by Allstar from time to time which displays the cost of each charging session carried out at the Driver’s Residential Address, and the value of any credits made to the Driver’s home Electricity Provider.

Driver Terms

Terms provided directly to Driver during onboarding that explain certain authorisations and information needed to provide Homecharge Service. These can be found at

Driver’s Residential Address

The main home residence of the Driver or Cardholder where the Charge Point is installed 

Electricity Provider

Electricity Provider means the supplier of electricity to the Driver's Residential Address

Goods and Services

Goods  and  services  you can buy using a Card including petrol, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, electric, hydrogen, other alternative fuels, Ad-Blue, engine  oil, vehicle-related goods, tyres, batteries, exhausts, windscreen replacements, vehicle servicing, repairs, maintenance  services, vehicle breakdown recovery, tolls, and other services we may include from time to time.

Homecharge Service Start Date

The date on which we commence the operational Homecharge Services as mutually agreed by you and us.

Non PIN Cards

A Card that has either the name of an individual or the registration number of a vehicle (or  both)  embossed on it and the Cardholder signs their name or writes their vehicle registration number on the back but does not require the Cardholder to show any form of ID or enter a PIN code but where a Cardholder’s signature is required at the point of sale.

Non Standard Cards

Non PIN Cards, Cards without a driver name or vehicle registration number embossed, those used for electric charging, and any other non-standard types of Cards that we issue to you and confirm are non-standard Cards.

Payment Due Date

As defined in clause 4 of the Agreement.


The personalised identification number used to validate a transaction to purchase Goods and Services using a Chip and PIN Card.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy at or as otherwise provided to you by us in writing from time to time.

Standard Charges

The recurring and ad-hoc charges applicable to your account and Cards which forms part of the Agreement as updated from time to time.


Suppliers who hold agreements with us or any of our associated companies to accept Cards to purchase Goods and Services.


The areas of our website which are protected by a password or any other website we authorise you to access in connection with the Agreement or Cards.

we, us, our

Allstar Business Solutions Limited.

you, your

The account holder set out in the Agreement.


By signing your Card and/or using it you accept these terms and conditions in full and agree to comply with them at all times. It also means that you agree to pay us for any Goods and Services our Suppliers supply to you or to the Cardholder.


The Card is valid until its expiry date or until you or we cancel it, whichever happens earlier. Only the Cardholder can use the Card. You must ensure that only a Cardholder knows and is able to use the PIN for any Card or if a Card does not have a PIN associated to it you must ensure that the Card can only be used for any driver name or vehicle registration embossed on the Card. You must make sure that the Cardholder signs their name or writes their vehicle registration number on the back of the  Card (or does both) matching the driver name or vehicle registration embossed on the front of the Card to prevent unauthorised use which you will be liable for.  The Cardholder must present the Card to the Supplier before they buy Goods and Services so that the Supplier is aware that they are about to make a sale as an agent for us. The Cardholder must make sure that the correct vehicle registration number and mileage has been recorded on a voucher for each purchase. The Cardholder must make sure that they enter the correct PIN when using a Chip and PIN Card and you are liable for all Goods and Services purchased using a Card once a correct PIN has been entered at the point of sale terminal or after the Cardholder signs to accept the transaction where a Card does not have a PIN and a signature is required. It is important that you take all reasonable steps to prevent misuse of your Cards and to identify any unauthorised or fraudulent activity relating to your Cards or your Card numbers. These steps should include: ensuring that pins are not known by anyone other than a Cardholder, checking that your Cards are correctly embossed with your company name and one or both of the Cardholdername and vehicle registration, checking your invoices and any reports that you receive for any unauthorised or unusual activity and promptly investigating any suspect/unusual transactions that we notify you of.


Each Card will show your name and the expiry date. You must ensure that the Card is embossed to show the Cardholder’s name or the registration number of the vehicle it is used for (or both). If the signature panel on the back of the Card is marked or is not filled in correctly, a Supplier may confiscate the Card. Cards are issued with a PIN which must be used in conjunction with Chip and PIN Cards. Cardholders will have 5 attempts to enter a correct PIN at the point of validation of a transaction.  If the correct PIN is not entered after 5 attempts the Card will be automatically blocked and neither you nor the Cardholder will be able to use the Card again. In the event that a Card has been blocked it will be necessary for us to issue you with a replacement Card. If a PIN is lost or misplaced, Cardholders can request a re-advice from us (please see clause 25 for our contact details or you can contact us via our Website). We may charge  for issuing replacement Cards. Suppliers may also refuse to accept the Card if it is not being used in line with the terms and conditions that we agree with Suppliers. If we provide you with a bearer Card, a Non PIN Card, an ID bearerCard or a voucher Card you are subject to the additional terms applicable to such Cards from time to time. These terms are available on request and you must make sure that you keep to them.  We will also charge you per voucher Card, bearer Card or ID bearer Card. Details of these are set out in our  Standard Charges.


Each week (or other period we have agreed with you in writing) we will send you an invoice, or produce an invoice on the Website, showing all purchases made using the Cards, less any credits or refunds.  We may charge you if you require a paper or non-standard invoice. You must pay the invoice in full, by direct debit, within 7 days (or other period we have agreed with you in writing) of the date of the invoice (the Payment Due Date).  We may charge you for non-standard payment methods or payment periods. If you do not pay any amount by the Payment Due Date we may charge interest at a rate of 5% over the National Westminster Bank Plc base rate. We work out interest on a day-to-day basis on any amount outstanding on the Payment Due Date (including unpaid interest) and also on any Goods and Services purchased by you with Cards but not yet invoiced to you until you pay the outstanding invoice in full. We may also charge you a late payment fee.  Alternatively we may charge you interest and late payment fees in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1988 and the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002 (or any amendments to these statutory provisions). We will continue to charge interest until you have paid the amount due, whether or not the Agreement has ended or a court judgment has been made. Late payment may also trigger a risk based fee being applied to your purchases (as set out in clause 8) and/or result in the removal of any discounts you may have the benefit of (as set out in clause 7). If any amount is still unpaid more than seven days after the Payment Due Date, we may cancel any or all of your Cards and end the Agreement (clause 13 of the Agreement applies to any Cards that we cancel). We may also place your Cards on temporary stop the day that any payment becomes overdue. We may apply an administration charge if we do not receive a payment because there is not enough money in your account to cover the direct debit or because you have cancelled the direct debit or if for any other reason that is not our fault we are unable to collect a payment due by direct debit. We will charge you a network service fee for processing all Card transactions. We may also charge for any copies of invoices or sales vouchers you ask us to send you for transactions.  You agree that we are not obliged to carry out any investigations into, nor provide information in relation to nor copies of, invoices or sales vouchers dating back more than six months.  We may charge you if you require us to provide any non-standard account management activities or for any non-standard services. We may charge if you wish to transfer your account to a different type of Card issued by us or terminate the Agreement and enter into a new Agreement with us under which we will issue a different type of Cards to you.  We may charge for terminating or transferring your exiting account or for opening your new account, but not both. You must notify us promptly about any issue or dispute that relates to your Cards and Goods and Services purchased with Cards or Card numbers.  We do not have to carry out any investigations that relate to transactions that took place more than three months before you notified us of a dispute.


We will use your payments and any credits or refunds you are entitled to first to pay off any interest you owe us and second to reduce any amounts you owe. If you make a claim against any Supplier or other supplier in relation to Goods and Services they have supplied to you or the Cardholder as our agent, you cannot take the amount of your claim from any money you owe us or claim it back from us.


Depending on your business needs and eligibility, we may price your fuel and electric charging in ways such as, but not limited to, the following: retail pump price, national average price, weekly MID CIF price (fuel base cost including cost, insurance and freight into the receiving country), electric charging at either retail or national price.  Both weekly national average and MID CIF prices are available on our website or will be notified to you. You may be eligible for our tiered discounted pricing at certain networks. We reserve the right to make changes to the network, tiers and discounts at any time.


The latest charges are available in the Standard Charges on our Website.  If we  make  any  changes  to  the charges, we  will  post  the  revised Standard Charges on  our Website indicating the date the revised Standard Charges was posted. All charges applicable to your Cards and account will be set  out  in  the Standard Charges unless  otherwise communicated  to  or  agreed  with  you  in  writing.  All references  in the  Agreement to  fees  or  charges  are references  to  the  charges  set  out  in  the Standard Charges.    We may at  our  absolute  discretion  determine  whether  or not to invoice you for any of the charges set out in the Standard Charges.  In addition, we may grant you discounts from time to time on certain Goods and Services. The level of the discount may apply for a limited time period and the Goods and Services to which it applies will be set out in the Standard Charges or otherwise communicated to you.  If you wish to discuss any Charges you must contact us within 14 days of the invoice date to which they first appear.  If you do not contact us within this period or continue to use the related products and services after this time, you will be deemed to have accepted the Standard Charges.

7.1 ADMIN CHARGES - It is your responsibility to check the Standard Charges on our Website prior to requesting the related products & services or incurring admin charges. 

7. 2 OTHER FEES - It is your responsibility to check the Standard Charges on our Website prior to incurring Other Fees.  We may apply the Other Fees contained in the Standard Charges if applicable, immediately and without notice to you.  We may change the Other Fees as set out in the Standard Charges at any time on 30 days prior notice to you.

7. 3 SERVICE CHARGES - These will be communicated to you in writing and your contract will be updated automatically.  We may apply the service charges contained in the Standard Charges if applicable with the following conditions &/or notice:

a) Risk Based Fee:  At any time on 7 days prior notice to you.

b) Card Charge: All Cards issued by us are subject to a Monthly or Annual Card Charge, payable in advance. Any revised Card Charge will be notified to you at any time on 30 days prior notice and will be valid from the date that the change was made and be applicable on any Card anniversary  or  new  requests  from  that  date forward.  When  we  work  out  the Card  Charge,  we assume that all of your Cards are used. We reserve the right to charge an underused account fee (see 7.2 Penalty Charges) from the start of the Agreement if any Cards are not used or used to purchase a lower level of Goods and Services than we reasonably anticipated.

c) All other Service charges:  At any time on 30 days prior notice to you.


We may terminate the Agreement or suspend your Cards in the event that you exceed any credit limit that we have set for your account.  We may charge you for exceeding any credit line that we have notified you of. If we suspend your account for any reason and we subsequently agree to reactivate your account, we may charge you. We may also charge you if you fail to comply with the terms of the Agreement or if non-standard payment terms or payment methods are operated for your account. We, or a third party, may make, or ask our agents to make, regular credit checks on you. This will involve giving information about you to licensed credit reference agencies. We will undertake periodic risk assessments of you using an industry recognised risk rating management tool and, in the event that you are neither a sole trader nor a partnership of 3 persons or less,  if, following such credit risk assessment, your credit risk rating hits a specified risk rating level or if for any other reason we reasonably suspect you may pose a credit risk (including in the event of late payment where you have failed to pay an invoice at least two times over a continuous period of six calendar months) to us we shall apply a risk based fee to your purchases for the purposes of mitigating the risk. You agree we may apply such charge immediately and without prior notice to you, although if we apply a risk based fee in this way we will notify you of our decision to apply the risk based fee, together with any additional details of the charge, as soon as reasonably practicable following the decision. You agree that we may apply the charge from the point in time we receive the report indicating your risk rating has hit the specified risk rating level or when we otherwise decide (acting reasonably) to apply the charge. The rate of the risk-based fee applicable will be determined by us but will not exceed the maximum risk based fee set out in the Standard Charges (which may vary). We shall continue to apply a risk-based fee until your risk rating has returned to below the specified risk rating level for a continuous period of six calendar months. Our decision around the risk based fee is final and there shall be no back-dating or reimbursement of risk based fees applied by us to you. Please note you may pay a security deposit in lieu of us applying a risked based fee.

In certain circumstances, for your convenience, we may (but are not obligated to) allow you to place a credit or debit card on file with us to use for automatic payment of any and all balances on your account, including balances created at or around the time that a Cardholder presents the Card to the Supplier to buy Goods and Services. If following a credit risk assessment, we determine (at our sole discretion) your credit risk rating is suitable, we shall be entitled to remove your right to place a credit or debit card on file with us and transfer you to our standard billing process outlined in clause 4. This will include a requirement for you to set up a direct debit for the payment of invoices in accordance with clause 4 when we transfer you to our standard billing process.

You hereby authorise us (and will promptly provide us documentation evidencing your authorisation upon our request) to: (a) charge or debit such credit or debit card automatically immediately in £GBP (or on the date any amount otherwise becomes due to us), based on your use of our products and services and related purchases and any other charges due as per the Standard Charges; (b) to obtain credit authorisations from the issuer of your credit or debit card; and (c) to obtain credit reports about you and/or the beneficial owners of your business from time to time.  We may set limits on the amount of goods and services you can purchase using the Cards, depending on the credit limit on your credit card, or any other factors in our assessment of credit risk.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your credit or debit card information on file with us is always up to date.  If such credit or debit card is declined for any reason, your account must be paid by you by other means by the due date stated on your invoice, and we may charge you an administrative handling charge of in connection with such decline. 

“Chargeback” is a mechanism for your credit or debit card issuer (at their discretion) to reclaim money from a service provider’s bank. This can allow your card issuer to provide you with a refund in a number of circumstances, including: (a) if you do not get the product you paid for; (b) if you are charged the wrong amount, or charged twice by mistake; or (c) if the payment was made fraudulently.

You agree to contact us prior to raising a request for a Chargeback or any dispute with your bank or card issuer in relation to any transaction with us, and to provide us with any information reasonably requested by us in order for us to research the transaction associated with the proposed Chargeback.

We recognise that Chargebacks can happen for a variety of reasons. However, if you make a card payment through us, and later dispute a legitimate charge by raising a Chargeback without merit or legitimate reason (as determined at our sole discretion), whether fraudulently or otherwise, then we may provide the bank compelling evidence to refute your invalid Chargeback request, and reserve the right to terminate the Agreement or suspend your Cards. The following shall be due and payable by you within 7 days for each instance of a Chargeback made without merit or legitimate reason: (a) the charges due and payable by you for the Goods and Services used in the period covered by the Chargeback; (b) such Chargeback costs as are levied upon us by your bank or card issuer; (c) Chargeback fee of £50; and (d) our reasonable costs and losses incurred in recovering the above-mentioned fees including debt recovery costs, legal fees and debt collection costs.

In addition to the Chargeback fee outlined in the preceding paragraph, we may also charge you an administration fee for any Chargebacks.  If you effect a Chargeback on a valid charge from us, you will owe us the full amount of such charge and it must be paid promptly by other means, and shall accrue interest from the original date due, at a monthly interest rate noted on the Standard Charges published on our Website.


If we find that you have given us false or incomplete information, or that you have broken any of the terms and conditions of the Agreement, we will demand that you pay us any money you owe us immediately. By doing this we will not lose any of our rights under clause 13 of the Agreement. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against any and all claims, losses, costs, penalties, expenses and liabilities which we may suffer or incur which in any way, directly or indirectly, arise from or relate to any claim whether in contract, delict or tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) in respect of any use of a Card. 


If your Card is lost or stolen, or someone who is not (or is no longer) authorised to use your Card has it or the Card number is being used fraudulently, you should report this immediately via the Website and hotlist the Card.  If you are unable to notify us via the Website you must telephone or email us immediately.  Please see clause 25 for our contact details. Where you report a Card as lost or stolen or report unauthorised use, you will not be responsible for any purchases made using that Card from 2 working days after the notification.  You should tell us all you know about the circumstances of the loss, theft or unauthorised use of the Card and, where possible, take all reasonable steps to help to get the missing Card back. This includes contacting the police and getting a crime reference number and giving that to us. You must also make sure that anyone who is no longer authorised to use a Card does not keep their Card.


We will give you access to the Website and you should use the Website to manage your Cards and account. You may be charged if you ask us to supply information or undertake tasks that are available or could be undertaken via the Website. You must keep to the Website terms of use, and not allow anyone else to use it. We may at any time withdraw our permission for you to access the Website. You must keep any security or access codes we give you confidential, and tell us immediately if you think anyone else knows the codes.


You must tell us immediately in writing if your name, address or bank details change.  We will assume that any information we send by pre-paid post to the address we currently hold for you will reach you the day after we post it (not including Sundays or bank holidays). You must advise us of the e-mail addresses that we should use to contact you and, if different, for us to send invoices to you. It is your responsibility to keep this information up to date and to advise us of any changes.


All Cards remain our property. We may, at any time, cancel any Card, refuse to issue a new or replacement Card, or end the Agreement by sending you written notice. If we cancel your Card or end the Agreement, this will take effect immediately and you must return every Card to us straight away. If you write to us asking us to cancel a Card or where we cancel any Card, we may ask you to cut it in half for security reasons and return it to us. If you do not return the cancelled Card, you will still be responsible for any purchases made with that Card. If you cancel a Card or end the Agreement, in line with this or any other clause in the Agreement, you are still responsible for any purchases made with the Card except for a Card you have reported to us as lost or stolen, or a Card that we agree to treat as lost or stolen. We may charge you an administration fee for treating the Card as lost or stolen. If you use a Card after it has been cancelled, we may charge you an administration fee and any costs associated with getting the cancelled Card back. You may terminate the Agreement at any time by giving not less than one month's written notice to us.  We may terminate the Agreement at any time by giving not less than two months' written notice to you.  You agree that in the event of termination of the Agreement no pro rata refunds of any prepaid Charges will apply.


The Agreement includes everything we are responsible or liable for. If something is not clearly mentioned in the Agreement, we do not accept responsibility or liability for it. Also, we do not accept responsibility or liability for any obligations that are expressed or implied unless the law says that we cannot exclude responsibility for such obligations. Our total responsibility for Goods and Services you buy from us at Suppliers is limited to the amount we can claim back from them, which we will then pass on to you. We are not responsible to you, and you are not responsible to us, for any loss of profits, loss of business, business disruption, loss or corruption of data, loss of goodwill, or any indirect or Consequences Losses resulting from anyone breaking any of the terms of the Agreement.


We may transfer all of our rights and responsibilities under the Agreement in which case the Agreement will continue to apply to you and you will still be bound by it. This may include the right to collect any debt you owe us. If we transfer our rights and obligations under the Agreement to a third party, they will charge you a reasonable administration fee for collecting any outstanding debt. The third party will use the account details (your personal information or information about you) to help them to collect the debt. The third party will keep this information and use it to help other users of its services to make decisions about supplying future services to you. To help us carry out the Agreement, we may also appoint an agent who may be any other company in the Allstar group or anyone else who agrees to be our agent. This agent will be entitled to use any of our rights under the Agreement. You must not transfer the Agreement without our written permission. If your business changes significantly at any time during the Agreement, we have the right to end the Agreement immediately, and all of our responsibilities in it will end. If we agree, we may issue Cards to one of your subsidiary companies, which will then become your representative for the purpose of the Agreement. This makes you and the subsidiary company jointly and separately responsible for keeping to the terms of the Agreement and jointly and separately liable for any failure to do so.


If we change any terms set out in the Agreement,  we  will do so by giving  you 30 days’ notice in advance, where possible, otherwise we will notify you as  soon  as  reasonably  practicable  after  making  the change.  The updated Agreement will be published on our Website.  Depending on the nature of the change, we  will  notify you of any changes either by email or in writing, by post.  If you do not wish to accept any  changes to the Agreement you must contact us within 14 days of being notified of the change. If you do not contact us within this period or continue to use our products and services, you will be deemed  to  have  accepted  the updated Agreement. Refusal to accept changes will result in the termination of your Agreement. 


The Agreement contains all of the terms and conditions that will apply to how we supply the Goods and Services to you. The Agreement replaces any earlier written or oral agreement. We can delay  enforcing,  or  choose  not  to  enforce,  our  rights under the  Agreement without  losing  them.  You  must keep   all   information   and   data   relating   to the Agreement, Cards,  transactions  made  using Cards and all commercial terms confidential and not disclose any such information or data to any third party without our consent unless you are legally required to do so.


Your and any Cardholder’s personal data processed by us in connection with the Agreement are processed and held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You will comply with all applicable data protection legislation (and are responsible for your Cardholder’s compliance with applicable data protection legislation) in respect to any use made of your Cards.

Where you have approved the issue of a Card, you confirm that you have obtained the consent of the Cardholder to disclose his or her personal data to us for us to lawfully use and process it for the duration of the Agreement and the purposes described in our Privacy Policy. The provisions of our Privacy Policy do not relieve, remove or replace your obligations under applicable data protection legislation to protect against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal Data.


If you request us to do so, we may, at our absolute discretion agree to supply Non Standard Cards to you. To ensure a high level of security, standard Cards benefit from “real time” authorisation controls used to validate transactions at the point of sale.  Standard Cards also benefit from the security of Chip and PIN technology where a valid PIN must be entered at the point of sale. If you have requested a Non Standard Card we will apply our standard usage controls in relation such Non Standard Card.  You will be required to sign an amendment to the Agreement if you wish us to apply different usage controls. You undertake to take full responsibility for the use and control of Non Standard Cards.  It is and at all times remains exclusively your responsibility to ensure that Non Standard Cards (including the Card numbers associated with such Cards) are only used by Cardholders authorised by you and subject to any limitations placed by you upon such Cardholders. Non Standard Cards cannot be used at outside payment terminals. After you report a Non Standard Card as lost or stolen, we will advise our network of Suppliers of Non Standard Cards which you report to us as lost, stolen or being used in a fraudulent manner, in the usual way.  We will notify you as soon as we are aware that any Non Standard Card that you have notified to us as lost or stolen, has been used. However, because Non Standard Cards are less easy to control and monitor, you will be liable in full for all purchases made with any Non Standard Card until that Non Standard Card has expired or has been returned to us irrespective of whether the Card has been reported lost or stolen or whether or not our relationship with you is terminated. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against any and all claims, losses, costs, penalties, expenses, damages and liabilities which we may suffer or incur which in any way, directly or indirectly, arise from or relate to any transactions using Non Standard Cards (and any associated Card numbers) issues to you however occurring (including fraudulent transactions on cloned and/or skimmed Cards). If we have issued Non Standard Cards to you, it is particularly important that you promptly review all invoices that we provide to you. Without prejudice to any other term of your Agreement with us, you must notify us within 3 working days of receipt of your invoice of any transactions where you suspect or reasonably ought to have suspected that any Non Standard Card has been compromised and/or used fraudulently, for example, where a Non Standard Card has been skimmed, cloned or otherwise copied whilst the genuine Non Standard Card is still in use.  Although you will remain liable for all transactions until Non Standard Cards have expired or been returned to us, as soon as you notify us that a Non Standard Card is lost, stolen or being used in a fraudulent way we will attempt to prevent further use of such Non Standard Cards (and/or any associated Card numbers) and use our reasonable endeavours to limit your financial exposure and risk.  Non PIN Cards will be charged at the same rate as the standard Cards on your account(s) and will expire after a period of 24 months when replacement Non PIN Cards will be issued to you.


We have entered into supply agreements with Charge Point Operators to provide you with access and payment with our Card on their Charge Points. This access is governed by this Agreement. 

You warrant that you and your Drivers abide by the terms and conditions of use of each Charge Point Operators.  These are detailed on their website or on the physical Charge Point.

You are responsible for: (a) paying any access and/or parking charges due to third parties in respect of any Charge Point; or (b) meeting the requirements for exemption from such charges (e.g. by presenting your Card); and (c) the costs of any fines or penalties imposed by the relevant parking enforcement authority and of any charge applied if your vehicle is immobilised, clamped or removed.

You and your Cardholders must follow all instructions in relation to the use of a Charge Point (which may differ from one Charge Point and/or Charge Point Operator to another, particularly where the service is different).


You will identify Drivers to participate in the Homecharge Service.   You shall procure that each Driver: has an appropriate Charge Point correctly installed at their home to facilitate the charging of the electric vehicle; creates an account and downloads the Driver App; is aware of and has accepted the Driver Terms before the commencement of such Homecharge Services; provides all information reasonably requested by us and/or our  Subcontractor, Mina Digital Ltd,  that is required by us in order to provide the Homecharge Services, and ensures that the Charge Point maintains a continued internet connection; Complies with all reasonable instructions and guidance issued by us or the Subcontractor from time to time to enable us to provide the Homecharge Services. You warrant that: each Driver has accepted the Driver Terms prior to the commencement of the Homecharge Services and Homecharge Service Start Date in respect of such Driver, each Driver has obtained all necessary permissions and consents necessary to use the Homecharge Services at their home, you have procured a full authority from each Driver for us, our  Subcontractor, and any other third parties involved in providing the Services to: (a) access the data from the Charge Point Provider at the Driver’s Residential Address either directly or from the manufacturer or supplier of the relevant Charge Point; (b) access data from or relating to any telematics system installed in the Driver’s electric vehicle; (c) contact the Electricity Supplier for the purposes of making preparations to transfer, commence and perform the Homecharge Services with effect from the Start Date; (d) receive and access the Electricity Supplier accounts and other related documentation of the Driver and the information contained within them; (e) make payments and receive refunds from the Driver’s Electricity Supplier. You shall be liable for acts or omissions of the Drivers arising out or in connection with this Agreement. We shall provide the following Homecharge Services as follows: We will provide a privacy policy to you and to each Driver. Each Driver shall be required to accept the privacy policy via the Driver App. We will access data from the compatible home Charge Point in the Driver’s home to receive Homecharge session data and kWh used by driver’s in charging their electric vehicle. We will access data from your Driver’s Electricity Supplier on the electricity tariff applied to charging your Driver’s electric vehicle at the Driver’s Residential Address. We may make payment directly to your Driver’s Electricity Supplier based on kWh recorded and electricity tariff and invoice this amount to your account. We will provide each Driver with a Card which will link their Homecharge sessions to your account, and enable electric charging at the Allstar public charging network. The charging data shall be updated in line with the data feed from the Charge Point. Payments to the Driver’s Electricity Supplier will also be visible on the Driver App. You agree and acknowledge that we may instruct the Subcontractor or another third party to provide all or part of the Homecharge Services hereunder from time to time at its sole discretion. You acknowledge that we may vary the technical specifications from time to time and offer updates or modifications to the Homecharge Service. You acknowledge and agree that we can refuse, delay or suspend the Homecharge Services in relation to the Driver with Homecharge Services in any of the following circumstances: the Electricity Supplier, Charge Point Provider, Driver or any third party outside of the Company’s control prevents us from performing the Homecharge Services; the Electricity Supplier, Charge Point Provider or Driver fails to provide the data necessary for us to perform the Homecharge Services.


To ensure compliance with the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 (or any amendments or re-enactments thereof), We may require, at our absolute discretion, verification of Your identity and that of any of your directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, owners or controllers. You agree to provide or procure the provision to Us of such information and other evidence as We may require to satisfy such verification of identity requirements. Cards will not be issued to You unless and until such verification requirements have been satisfied and we is entitled, in our absolute discretion, to determine whether such requirements have been satisfied. We will not be liable to any person for any loss or damage suffered or incurred (or alleged), directly or indirectly, as a result of the exercise of such discretion. Any failure by a Customer to provide the necessary evidence of identity within a reasonable time may result in delays in the issue of Cards. If, within a reasonable time following a request for verification of identity, TFCC has not received evidence satisfactory to it as aforesaid, it may, in its absolute discretion, treat the relevant application as invalid.


The Agreement is only governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


If you have a complaint or problem with a Supplier or any Goods and Services charged to your account, you must still pay all transactions on your account. If you have any complaint about your account or a Card please go to our Website for details of our complaints procedures. We take all complaints seriously. If you wish to register a complaint then please contact us as set out below in the “Contact Details” section. We will acknowledge your complaint in writing and tell you how we will handle it.


You can contact us in the following ways.

By post: Allstar, Post Department 45, P O Box 1463, Swindon, SN5 6PS.

By phone: 0370 419 5165 (9.00am to 5.15pm, Monday to Friday not including bank holidays).

By email: We may monitor and record phone calls. We do this so we can check what was said and also to help train our staff. Cards are managed by Allstar Business Solutions Limited, P.O. Box 1463, Swindon, SN5 6PS. Registered number 2631112 England.

V17 21/07/22