With the Allstar Plus Visa Card paying for fuel is only the start of the journey.

Allstar Plus is a new hybrid fuel and travel expense card in one giving you flexibility and increased spending and control capabilities.

It takes the very best elements of our fuel card like access to the unrivalled Allstar Fuel Card network, savings on Diesel** and simplified admin with all fuel transactions detailed in a HMRC-compliant invoice*.

Combined with controlled access to the Visa network it creates a card that gives your employees a better way to pay, whether that’s for travel costs or business expenses. Its advantage over a typical credit card is that you control how much can be spent and where, so you are always in the driving seat.

The current, widely accepted role of a fuel card is that it pays for fuel and if you need to pay for other travel or business expenses, you’d need an alternative means of payment. If you have the kind of business where driving is only one aspect of what you do then this traditional process is labour intensive for both the driver and the administrative team. It is also notoriously difficult to control, it means drivers have little flexibility when unexpected, unplanned costs arise and it cause a headache for account holders having to chase up multiple receipts.

We know every business will have unique requirements, that’s why the card is intelligently designed to be an integral and indispensable part of yours, fitting seamlessly into your processes and providing genuine benefits to both you and your drivers.

Why use multiple cards, when one card has multiple uses?

A fuel card at heart( Read More + )

Even though Allstar Plus has considerably more functionality, it doesn’t diminish its power as a fuel card. With 100% fuel site coverage* there’s no need for any route deviation.

Ingenuity and security combined( Read More + )

Allstar Plus uses Chip and PIN technology so users will need to enter their own four digit PIN at the point of sale to authorise transactions. Every card is contactless making them ideal for small daily purchases such as parking, taxis and tolls, removing the need for petty cash and time-consuming admin.

More control than ever before( Read More + )

Even though Allstar Plus opens up exciting new possibilities, the level of control you have over spending categories and limits is simple to manage allowing you to configure each card so that your employees can only spend what you have approved. We’ve created three typical user profiles, that you can apply to each individual card. So you can choose the one that best suits your individual users requirements.

One consolidated invoice( Read More + )

Allstar Plus gives you one monthly, combined electronic invoice and purchases are interest free for 44 days so it’s a streamlined, convenient process, helping to free up your cash flow. Also all fuel transactions are recorded and reported on an HMRC-compliant* invoice, so lost receipts become a thing of the past, every penny spent is accounted for.

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*Fuel purchases made outside the Allstar fuel network will not meet HMRC compliance and fuel receipts will need to be collected for these transactions.

** Discount Diesel is only available on the UK only version of Allstar Plus.

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