Savings for Allstar Visa card customers

Benefit from a wide range of discounts on vehicle service, tyres, hotels and more. Perfect for keeping costs down.

Keep costs down through a range of savings on business expenses

10% saving on vehicle service, repair, tyres and car washes

Savings on business travel including hotels and car rental

Discounted Diesel at over 1,300 fuel sites

Where can I get discounts?

Benefit from a wide range of discounts* on vehicle maintenance, tyres, hotels and more.

  • Save 10% on vehicle service and repair at 1,200 garages and on tyres at over 240 National Tyre branches
  • Save 10% on car washes and valeting at IMO
  • Save an average of 26% on business travel at over 150,000 hotels worldwide plus save on car rental and flights**
  • Save on every litre of fuel at 1,300 Discount Diesel sites***

How it works

No claims, no points, discounts are simply applied to your next Allstar Visa invoice.

  • For vehicle maintenance and tyres, simply visit a participating garage and pay with your Allstar Visa card
  • Your discount will be automatically applied and your next invoice will show your rebate
  • For business travel discounts, register for access to the travel portal
  • For Discount Diesel, simply swipe your card at a participating location before filling up

Find your nearest site

Locations offering discounts can be found across the UK

  • For participating garages for service, maintenance and repair, click here
  • For National Tyres, simply use their branch finder

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* If you have already entered into a separate agreement with a merchant to receive a discount for purchases made at that merchant, the discount detailed on here will not be available.

** This service is supplied via our partner, Hotel Express International. 51% of customers could save an average of 26% based on a comparison of 550 hotel bookings in 2020.

*** Savings on Diesel can be made at participating Discount Diesel sites on our network when the card is swiped. Discount Diesel is only available on the standard version of Allstar Plus.