Big Discounts at a Garage Near You

All our fuel cards give you access to big discounts and simpler administration on all your company vehicle servicing, maintenance and repairs. And because we’ve partnered with thousands of garages nationwide, your drivers are certain to have one of our trusted partner garages on their doorstep. In fact, chances are they’ll still be able to use their usual garage. Find a garage near you using our Garage Finder app. Download it free to your Android or Apple handheld device. 

Save on Your Other Fleet Needs Too

Allstar fuel cards are the only fuel cards that give you access to discounted garage bills. It’s another of the unique additional services we build into your card to make your life simple and bring down your overheads. These include tyres, rental, breakdown and fuel assist, glass repair and replacement and M6 tolls. In addition, because, just like fuel, they all appear on your usual regular Allstar invoice, you don’t have to worry about tracking down receipts for all the individual transactions. Which means that if your business is able to reclaim the VAT, your consolidated Allstar invoice is all you need because it counts as a VAT invoice with HMRC.

Big Savings, Big Benefits

Allstar Service, Maintenance and Repair benefits:

• Savings of up to 20% on labour and 5% on parts
• Covers cars, vans and light trucks
• Access to thousands of service centres nationwide
• Easy to use – just quote your Allstar card number at check-in
• Simpler admin with one consolidated VAT invoice
• Free downloadable Garage Finder apps

Please see our terms and conditions and fee tariff.

Become an Allstar Customer

Allstar Service, Maintenance and Repair is only available to Allstar customers. If you’re not a customer yet, it’s easy to set up an account – just apply now or give us a call.

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