fuel pumpsWe understand that searching for the best value fuel station could be time consuming and stressful. Therefore, Allstar has created the fuel price tool which is the up-to-date source of garages and fuel prices from across the UK. This tool can help you to find the cheapest petrol or diesel prices by town or postcode.

Even one pence per litre can make a big difference when filling up fleet cars or vans, so find the lowest fuel price in your area and start saving your business money now.

Find the lowest fuel prices in your area


Pump price diesel and petrol (1)Understanding the pump price

Fuel prices have a significant impact on business finances and many of the UK’s motorists and businesses alike want to understand what influences them.

The rates of petrol and diesel depend on several factors which include; the global price of crude oil, the cost of refining the crude oil into fuel, transportation, retailer costs & profits and government duty & VAT.

There are other reasons such as exchange rates, competition and seasonal factors that can contribute to the rates of diesel and petrol.

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Why do petrol prices vary from city to city?

Falling petrol and diesel prices around the UK are good news for motorists, but the savings vary depending on where you fill up.

The price of fuel mainly depends on the price of crude oil, however there are other factors that contribute to motorists spending more money filling up their cars In November 2015, petrol stations in East Anglia were charging as much as 117.1ppl for unleaded petrol whereas in the South West the average rate was only 116.1ppl. What is more, figures from the AA show that in 2015 the gap between supermarket prices and the UK average for unleaded has grown to 2.1 ppl.

But why do petrol prices vary from city to city? Find out now!