Allstar Premier Programme for existing customers

Information about fuel pricing and managing your account

Allstar discount diesel card

The Allstar Premier Programme combines the convenience of the Allstar fuelling network with the benefits of the fixed price 'Discount Diesel' network of over 1,700 fuel stations nationwide.

Your drivers will receive two cards, one Allstar card and one Discount Diesel card (if you are a current Allstar card holder, we will simply add the Discount Diesel cards onto your account). Please see below for more details on both of these cards. As a business, you will receive one invoice combining all transactions on all cards, minimising your administration and offering you a detailed insight into your fleets' fuelling patterns.

The Allstar Fuel Card

  • Access to around 8,000 fuel stations nationwide including ALL major brands and supermarket sites
  • Access to the Allstar Plus package, giving you up to 40% off AA breakdown and fuel assist purchases
  • Pump-based pricing policy

The Discount Diesel Fuel Card

  • Access to over 1,700 fuel stations nationwide
  • Fixed weekly pricing based on either the national average pump price or the PLATTS market rate
  • Free Smartphone application and online site finder tool to help your drivers find fuel stations

Allstar Premier Programme - pricing

There are two types of fixed weekly pricing available on the Allstar Premier Programme:

1.A discount off the NAPP (national average pump prices)

2.A PLATTS related weekly base price

As an existing customer, your pricing type should have already been explained to you. If you are unsure of either your discount amount or your pence per litre addition to the Allstar base price, please contact one of our team on 08704 195165.

The table to the right shows both the National Average Pump Price and the Allstar base price for this week. To calculate your current price, simply either take your pence per litre discount off the National Average Pump Price or add your pence per litre addition to the Allstar base price.

There are also links to show you both prices for the last 12 weeks. If you would like historic pricing prior to these dates, please contact us.

We would like to thank you for continuing to be a valued customer. If you have any queries regarding your account or need advice on your fuel management, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone on 08704 195165 or by email at

National Average Pump Price

109.2 Excluding VAT
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Allstar Commercial Fuel Price

101.2 Excluding VAT
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