55-strong Rivus garage network added to ServicePoint

21 May


The 55-strong Rivus garage network has now been made available to users of the ServicePoint fleet service, maintenance and repair (SMR) platform.

The move is designed to open up the garages, which span from Inverness to Truro, to a wider range of business customers, said Paul Holland, Managing Director of UK Fuel, at Allstar Business Solutions, which operates ServicePoint with technology from epyx.

“Last year, ServicePoint was used by fleets totalling more than 300,000 vehicles to process SMR work valued at £15 million, so it is a very attractive proposition for any garage network.

“Rivus has undoubted expertise and ability when it comes to fleet SMR, and we believe they will be an important addition to the overall network available through the platform, which now totals more than 4,600 franchise, independent and fast fit outlets.

“Of special interest to ServicePoint users at this moment in time, as we all deal with the coronavirus crisis, will be their 30 mobile technician units, which add important flexibility for our users.”

Chris Billington, Business Development Director at Rivus, added: “Our corporate history is based in BT Fleet’s SMR operations, so we are very strong in the commercial vehicle arena but are also able to offer servicing for all makes of vehicle to a very high standard.

“At the moment, our customer base is centred around the mission critical and complex fleets operated by our corporate customers, providing essential services such as telecommunications, utilities and other core infrastructure sectors.

“However, we are very interested in expanding our footprint and joining the ServicePoint network provides access to a new pool of potential customers, ranging from SMEs to major corporates.”

During the coronavirus crisis, Rivus had been heavily involved in working with supporting key worker fleets, Chris explained.

“As our typical customer runs mission critical fleets, we are well placed to support them, whatever their circumstances. Even during lockdown, we've been able to provide full support to our customers where essential services have continued.

“This kind of flexibility will, I am sure, also be important to many ServicePoint customers, especially as more fleets in major industries start constructing their return-to-work strategies.”

Rivus was formed in late 2019 and was previously known as BT Fleet. The new company is now owned by the Aurelius Group.

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