18 February 2022


Everything you need to know about running vehicles, from Allstar to Zap Map.

The first half of our alphabetical run-through of fleet management: Allstar Business Solutions to Mobility as a service.

Allstar Business Solutions

Allstar offers fuel cards, cards for EV charging, ServicePoint for service, maintenance and repair, Servicepoint Tyres, and payment solutions for business travel and expenses.

Benefit-in-Kind rates

Company car (and sometimes van and pick-up) drivers are subject to benefit-in-kind tax, which for cars is based on CO2 emissions.

The calculation is based on the car’s P11D price and CO2 emissions, its zero-emission range as either a full or hybrid electric vehicle, and whether or not it is a diesel.

You can find more here.

Vans are subject to BIK if the driver or a member of their household makes private use of it.

More details can be found here.

Control and convenience

Control allows you to monitor that vehicles are driven carefully and are roadworthy, costs are regulated and the right vehicles are picked for the job. But managing a fleet can throw up a huge amount of data, potentially creating a huge admin burden.

Online dashboards can help. Allstar Online, for example, allows customers to order new cards, cancel old ones or check recent purchases, access HMRC-compliant invoices and create bespoke reports.


Depreciation is one of the biggest factors in the wholelife cost of a vehicle. Currently, due to a shortage of vehicles, used values are higher than they have been for some time. According to analysts Cap-HPI, cumulatively, over the past two years van values have moved up nearly 31%, while used car prices in the UK rose by a third in 2021, industry experts INDICATA has said.


By 2035 all new cars and LCVs sold must be either pure electric or fuel cell EVs. New ICE models will be banned from 2030 and new hybrids outlawed by 2035.

The UK has also committed to phasing out new non-zero emission HGVs weighing 26 tonnes and under by 2035, with all new HGVs sold in the UK to be zero emission by 2040.

Fuel cards for cheaper fuel

Using fuel cards can help you access cheaper fuel. Allstar cards can help you save up to 10p on every litre* of diesel purchased across our Discount Diesel network, while access to supermarket sites lets you reduce costs further.

Grey fleet management

Employees’ private cars used for business trips still need to be managed. They need to be fit for purpose, roadworthy, insured for business journeys and drivers’ licences must be checked.

Health and safety

Every year around 500 people are killed and 5,000 seriously injured while behind the wheel on business. As a result, any business should have policies in place for driving at work, and procedures to check vehicles and drivers. Failure to do so could result in a Health and Safety Executive investigation.

You can find more guidance on what you need to do here.

Insurance for business vehicles

All vehicles used for work need business insurance. If your business has more than one vehicle, fleet insurance may be an option to cover all of them on one policy. Business insurance isn’t needed for commuting.

Join an association

If you want to access expertise on running a fleet, you could join the Association of Fleet Professionals. Find out more here

Keyfuels for haulage

Keyfuels is a card supplier for commercial haulage fleets, and offers the UKs largest commercial fuel network. It has expert advice and specialist products, with bulk fuel sourcing or pay-as-you go at fixed prices. You can find more here. 

Leasing options

If you are looking to source vehicles without a large initial outlay, then leasing (usually contract hire, but also finance lease and salary sacrifice), might be the way forward. The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association have set standards. You can find guidance here. 

Mobility as a service

Increasing digitisation through online channels allows employees to plan, book and pay for various transportation services for business travel. These could be subscription based or pay-as-you-go and could include public transport, car clubs, lift sharing and rental.

*Savings on Diesel can be made at participating Discount Diesel sites on our network when the card is swiped.

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