Allstar Insights: Business As Unusual Part 2

12 May


How will businesses running cars and vans return to work? 

Toby Poston, the BVRLA’s Director of Corporate Affairs looks at how, post-lockdown, the automotive sector will manage vehicle supply, testing and repair, and also examines the Government's approach, and where it might offer incentives. Plus, he lists the three main factors in getting your vehicles back on the road.



What should fleets be planning for post lockdown?

Concerns up to now have have been around getting easement on things like MOTs, driver medicals and HGV testing as well, and that’s been been the priority.

Now we are starting to think about how do you return to a more normal state of business. How do you time the ending of those exemptions so you don’t overwhelm the garage or testing centre?

And that’s being considered at the very highest level and it’s obvious that if you’ve had a three-month period where nobody has had an MOT for example, you’ve got to give people a bit of leeway for getting that testing done. You can’t suddenly say to those people you have got a month left, because you are going to overwhelm the network.

Will the crisis have an effect on how businesses work in the future?

When it comes to transport behaviour, there are lots of varying thoughts about whether people are going to abandon public transport because they’re worried about social distancing, which is going to drive up car traffic, or people are going to work from home more often, which means that they are not going to need to have a car to go to work, visit clients or business colleagues. I think the jury is out and we have got to keep a close eye and to be ready to react to whatever happens,

And finally…

If I had three pieces of advice, they would be;

1 If you have vehicles on hire or on lease and you’re worried about the financial arrangements or how you going to hand them back, talk to those companies. They are still very much at work taking calls and responding.

2 We need to co-ordinate how we operate through this crisis, so really make sure you touch base with supply chain partners, and understand the changes they’re making and what your needs and requirements are. That’s really essential as we work out the solutions that will come from this.

3 For anyone feeling down in the dumps about the current situation: chin up. We may be in a massive economic slowdown, but we should all remember it is a Government-induced slowdown. The Government has put the brakes on, so I think the economy is going to come back really successfully after and it’s essential now that you start putting in place some plans and strategies for how you are going to operate in that new ‘back to business’ environment.

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