25 February 2021


There are many apps out there to help your business and working life, and here are some of the best.

Apps for organising

todolist       Todolist

Have all you notes to hand

Todoist is a cloud-based service that allows you to sync notes and tasks to any device with the app, and works offline too, ensuring you always have everything to hand, no matter where you are. 

For those operating as a team, one of its strengths is how easy it is to collaborate through a very simple interface. Upgrading allows you to access productivity reports, activity logs, sync calendars and centralise billing.


trello       Trello

Keep tabs on who is doing what

Trello is a project management app that assigns work and ensures it is being done. It won’t hold all of the information needed for the project, but if you want to ensure somebody is picking up each part of a project and completing it, its sticky posts system is very clear, especially when you might have a team of people working from multiple locations.


toggl       Toggl

Manage time better

Productivity is a metric that many businesses struggle with. Just how long is spent working on each job, project or client? Toggl uses a one-click timer which can then allocate time and assign value to every job, allowing you to understand the real cost of each one.

You can even set it to track in the background for certain applications and websites so you will always know how long was spent using other programmes. For your team, you can see who has spent what time on any given project too, and assign work based on capacity.


lastpass       LastPass

Help to remember passwords

Forgetting or losing passwords is part of modern life. LastPass claims to securely keep them all in one place on your phone and there are no limits on the number you can store. The one issue is you need a very strong password to get into it, so you’ll at least need to remember that one, and for those that want stronger security there is multi-factor authentication access, which means you will need a six digit code sent to you each time you log in.


Apps for communication

lastpass       Slack

Message your team

Slack’s strength is its simplicity. All communication is linear, based on the channel you’ve created, making it a lot easier than email for back-and-forth discussions as you can see the messages on one board. Upload and download of attachments is similarly straightforward, and you can add specific people for each project board.


Zoom       Zoom

Get on a video call

Everyone knows Zoom by now, but like the best apps its strength is its simplicity and stability. It is easy to set up, invite people to meetings and record them too. An upgrade increases the amount of time a meeting can last beyond 40 minutes and the number of users on any one call as well.


Otter       Otter

Save time with transcriptions

As a transcription service, Otter can very quickly create a text version of conversations, phone calls or interviews. Like all the transcription apps, it sometimes ‘hears’ some unusual words and phrases, but it is mostly accurate and a couple of runs through spelling and grammar checks on good systems such as on Google Docs will pick most of them up – and it is still quicker than typing it all out yourself.


Apps on the road

Allstar Co-Pilot       Allstar Co-Pilot

For finding fuel quickly

Co-Pilot takes away the stress of finding Allstar compatible fuel sites as it comes with GPS guidance to help drivers navigate to the nearest petrol station, electric vehicle charge points and service, maintenance and repair networks. The app can now be used to launch Google Maps for extra route information too.

Co-Pilot allows drivers to filter crucial factors such as HGV specific stops, search radius and specific types of fuel card. This means that our app is compatible with all of our cards. 


Visa       Visa Business Reporting

For paperless receipt capture

Visa Business Reporting (VBR) helps issuers assist small business customers track spending and remove paper with receipt-capture technology. That means you can use a phone to capture an image of a paper receipt following the transaction and upload it for expense management. 


Waze       Waze

Navigation with real time updates

Increasingly navigation is not just about roads but what is going on in real time, and Waze is one of the best for this, although Apple and Google are also very good. Waze can provide warnings about road closures, delays and even potholes, and this information is more accurate the more people use it.

FinMyCar       Find My Car

Never lose your car again

In unfamiliar locations or big car parks it can be unnerving if you can’t remember where you parked. Find my car doesn’t require maps or a network connection, as it uses the phone's GPS to navigate back to your car. When you've parked, open the app and tap the park button, then open it again when you are ready to return and it will provide directions.


What3Words       What3Words

For finding locations accurately

The world is covered by What3Words, and it is providing a useful way of finding very specific locations, even if they are off the beaten track or hard to find. Using an algorithm, it has created three words put together for every three-metre square on the map, and by either sending these you can tell people where you are or find destinations easily. 


Please note: Nothing in this article is intend to constitute a recommendation for a specific product or advice on the benefits or advantages of any specific product.

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