Clean vehicles: Preventing the spread coming out of lock down

20 May


If you operate company vehicles that are sometimes shared, how do you ensure they are free of coronavirus when they are passed from one user to another?

It’s a question that many businesses are currently mulling over and applies in all kinds of instances where cars and vans have been used by more than one employee. This might include pool cars and vans, rental vehicles and even mobility options such as car and ride sharing.

So what might you need to do?

Guidance has been issued by a number of organisations but one of the most detailed has come from the RAC and can be found at here.

The suggested cleaning routine from the RAC is comprehensive. It suggests leaving a vehicle for three days before cleaning begins because evidence suggests there is a good chance the virus will die within this time frame if it is present on a surface.

The recommended cleansing routine itself, requires extensive use of PPE equipment – disposable or otherwise - in order to protect the person undertaking the job. This is not something that can properly be completed in a few minutes

To us, this is an important issue that needs careful consideration as we start on the journey towards what seems to now be called the new normal. 

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