19 January 2021


As a driving instructor or owner of a driving school, you'll know that there is one cost you simply can't escape: fuel.

If you have back to back lessons, you'll be constantly on the roads driving long distances, meaning you'll have to fill up your tank often and costs can very quickly mount up. Whether you factor this into the lesson cost or pay for it as an additional fee, there is no avoiding petrol/diesel costs.

With fuel prices regularly fluctuating and often rising, this can become extremely costly. Unless you're constantly adjusting the cost of driving lessons, it can cost you more than it should.

At Allstar, we aim to provide a solution to this problem that not only makes life easier but can also help your business save money in the process. This is where the Allstar fuel cards come in. For most driving instructors and learner driving businesses, fuel costs are likely the number one outgoing, which we aim to address by helping reduce that figure.

With our fuel cards, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including discounts on fuel, access to our UK-wide fuel network and fleet management features. With a wide portfolio of business fuel cards available, you're able to select the best card to suit your business and the vehicles you operate, including electric vehicles.

Allstar cards are designed to make life easier by reduce the amount of time spend on admin such as fuel receipts. 

Reduce costs & simplify admin with our fuel cards

When operating a fleet of vehicles that are being driven by instructors for several hours a day, fuel costs will inevitably rack up and so will the amount of admin required to track the use and cost per vehicle. In order to ensure that you're not making a loss, due to fuel costs, you'll need to accurately work out the fuel usage to ensure you're charging enough to cover the costs. The only way to do this is through effective fleet management and effectively collecting data on each individual vehicle.

As you would expect, this will mean you'll have to allocate a large part of your day to admin time. However, with our business fuel cards, every time the card is used at one of the fuel stations in our nationwide network, it will record the transaction, making tracking costs and usage far simpler.

Using this data to work out the efficiency of your fleet will allow you to manage your cash flow far easier and make arrangements to reduce fuel expenditure. You'll also be able to break costs down into data that is easy to measure, even working out the cost to run an individual vehicle weekly, daily or hourly.

With such great features being offered by our fuel cards and supporting framework, there are many ways that you and your business can benefit. If you're looking to transition to a fleet of vehicles that are cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly, our fuel cards can help you do that.

If you're alarmed by the amount of money you spend on fuel, or are looking to cut down on your already colossal fuel costs, switching to a fleet of EV vehicles can help you do just that. Electric vehicles typically have reduced running costs and, as a company that has a fleet of vehicles out on the roads all day, everyday, you'll be able to massively reduce your carbon footprint too.

You may be wondering how you can still benefit from lower petrol/diesel prices if you're using an EV fleet? With the benefit of accessing the UK's largest fuel network, our Allstar One Electric fuel card also offers a growing multi-brand electric charging network nationwide.

Our range of fuel cards suits all different types of businesses, including a sole trader, small businesses and large companies. Saving time and money allows you to dedicate resources to other areas of your business, including the growth of your brand and increasing your businesses offerings. You'll be able to find a fuel car that meets your needs and makes life operating multiple vehicles far easier for everyone involved at every step of the process.

Get your business fuel card today

Our full range of fuel cards is available to explore on our website, where you can also find out the features offered by each card. However, if you'd like to learn more directly from a member of our team or gain a better understanding of how they can benefit your driving instructor business, please contact us. You can call us on 0370 419 5165 or email us at fast.admin@allstarcard.co.uk with your message - we are able to provide services to customers from all over the UK.

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