06 October 2021


With transport such a key part of financial businesses, fuel costs need to be accounted for as they can very quickly mount up. 

When it comes to employees travelling around the country for business, managing fuel costs can become difficult. This is particularly true when you have a large workforce based in different regions, and travelling to different locations. In sales, for example, this is often the case and regular travel is required, as employees drive to meet clients. Travel is essential for communication, especially within sales teams, as face to face meetings can make or break a business deal.

Without setting aside a budget for these costs, it can leave your employees in a difficult situation or disrupt business travel altogether. With an Allstar fuel card, you can make life easier for your employees as well as streamline the entire payment process for the business.

The list of benefits of fuel cards is long and incorporates different aspects of a VAT registered business, including claiming back VAT. To enquire about your fuel card today, you can call us on 0345 266 5101 to speak to a member of our team directly, or email us via the contact form on our website, with your message. We’re able to service clients nationwide including cities such as Southampton, Sheffield and Liverpool, among a wide range of others.

Fuel costs management for financial businesses

At Allstar, our aim is to provide our clients with effective cost management solutions that make life easier. We do this by supplying fuel cards which allow businesses to easily keep track of fuel transactions made by their employees on the road, whilst they’re travelling for business. Not only does this make life easier for employees, but it also makes it easier for the business as a whole to track the costs.

By using a fuel card, you can bypass the need for staff to pay fuel costs out of their own pocket, which is not only ideal for your employees but it also makes the accounting process far easier.

It allows you to collate all fuel transactions in one place, in an organised format. It can make life easier for both employees and central admin teams when you have all of the payments in one account, but it also provides your accounts with just one HMRC-compliant invoice for all fuel transactions.

Fuel cards also allow you to make savings and manage your cash flow more effectively. As a financial organisation with employees who travel regularly, it’s important that you’re able to keep track of travel costs and manage when you pay your bills.

A fuel card allows you to pay your bill when it suits you, preventing you from being affected by unexpected costs and making for a smoother cash flow. You’ll also have access to the most competitive fuel prices as part of our network which covers 90% of UK fuel stations, including up to 10ppl (pence per litre) off at selected Discount Diesel sites*.

Employee benefits of a fuel card

When travelling around the country for work, there’s a chance you’re on a tight schedule and the last thing you want in that situation is to worry about costing or paying out of your own pocket for fuel. That’s why, as an employee, there are great benefits to having a fuel card. They’re able to make the whole refuelling process far more streamlined and reduce any stress staff may face when refuelling.

No more receipts, no more hassle and no need to claim back fuel costs from the company. As fuel cards allow the business to be billed directly, all the employees have to do is simply use the card when paying. When travelling for work, employees can sometimes experience unexpected costs, such as bridge tolls, which can pose an issue if they haven’t been given the budget for additional travel costs.

Either they’ll have to reroute or pay the toll themselves, which can become quite expensive for employees if it happens multiple times. However, with a fuel card, you can use the same payment method to cover these extra costs, billing the dedicated account. This saves time, hassle and avoids any potential issues which may arise later when it comes to the accounting process.

Get your fuel card from Allstar

Both employees and the business as a whole can benefit from fuel cards, as they can help with peace of mind. The savings opportunities and flexible approach to expenses, make fuel cards a firm part of the future. With contactless payments becoming extremely common and less physical cash being used, now is the time to choose fuel cards for your business.

If you have any questions about our fuel cards or other services, please get in touch with us by calling 0345 266 5101 or emailing us directly via the contact form on our website. A member of our team will respond as soon as possible to ensure you get the assistance you need. We are able to provide top-quality service to customers nationwide, including cities such as Leicester, Hull and Norwich, as well as many others.

*Savings on Diesel can be made at participating Discount Diesel sites on our network when the card is swiped.

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