20 January 2022


Monitoring the fuel usage of your workers can be difficult, time consuming and can feel like an impossible task.

As a charitable organisation juggling multiple functions and events, there are administrative tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis so eliminating the unnecessary hassle that comes with collating receipts and bank statements, adopting a fuel card system is a way for charities to make administration duties much simpler.

Making the lives of your staff easier with fuel cards for charities

Many charities may require workers to venture up and down the country to attend fundraising events and conferences. Quite often, supplying each worker with a company credit card or loose cash can come with complications. To avoid the risk of volunteers incorrectly misusing allocated cash, fuel cards allow dedicated funds to be used appropriately. Our pricing models provide additional security of charity funds, offer lower-cost petrol and diesel and enable access to our online portal that helps you to track and manage fuel expenditure with ease.

No matter the size of your business, the monitoring of all expenses and company transactions is a vital aspect of business management. For charities, tracking the travel expenses of multiple staff members can be complex and time consuming. Allstar offers award-winning fleet management solutions, ensuring that your administration processes are smooth and efficient. By adapting to a fuel card system, your organisation will thrive from the benefits we have to offer. From major petrol discounts to access to exclusive rewards and perks, we have flexible options for everyone.

The advantages of fuel card providers for charities

Charities are often swamped with a daily routine that consists of piles upon piles of paperwork. With systematic processes in place, our services help to lift this administrative burden and allow for charities to have more time and funds to spend focussing on what matters most. Where charities travel the UK to provide direct help, run events or attend meetings - effective management of your vehicles is vital.

By effectively analysing staff’s driving and fuel records, your business can identify trends in fuel expenditure and essentially reduce costs. Asset tracking can be made much simpler through the utilisation of systems that understand your requirements. Allstar offers a wide range of customisable cards, which can be made to match the demands of your needs.

How can fuel cards reduce administration?

At Allstar, we understand that time is precious on all campaigns. Therefore, the ability to streamline essential administrative tasks can make a massive difference. As a card customer with us, you will gain exclusive access to powerful insight tools that will competently gather all relevant statistics for you. By obtaining access to your digitised data, your establishment can disregard the need to collect receipts and expense forms. Our solutions are reliable, effortless and uncomplicated. When it comes to calculating monthly fuel outgoings, our system will automatically generate monthly invoices, centralising all fuel and vehicle costs in one place.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional and customisable online portal service. Our portal aims to defeat the challenges of asset management with useful tools and resources. By becoming an Allstar customer, you can expect to benefit from the following:

  • HMRC-compliant invoices accurately curated each month. This provides the perfect template for managing your cash flow and assists with reclaiming funds.
  • The ability to view worker’s driving records of routes, pit stops and fuel consumption. This allows you to keep track of driver performance.
  • A simple vehicle maintenance management system with a booking feature and reminders that help you to stay on top of vehicle maintenance.

Our solutions promise to give full visibility of your expenditure and offer charity managers complete control over fuel-related costs. By providing your employees with fuel cards, you can ensure that implemented expense policies are adhered to. At Allstar, we are confident that our unique services will reduce administration and enhance the management of your company.

Reducing costs with fuel cards

If your current fuel management procedure is proving costly or inefficient, you may need to adapt your strategy. Whether your charity or support team consists of a small crew of drivers or a large fleet - cutting costs is always advantageous. By incorporating the use of our cards, monitoring the frequency of refuels and the average costs incurred will be easy and convenient. Your team can observe extensive data relating to each journey, breakdown or transaction. In turn, the analytics of this monthly data will inevitably improve fuel efficiency and costs.

One of the key benefits comes from the fantastic discounts Allstar offers to customers. Some of our premium discounts and money saving features include:

  • Access to the UK’s largest fuel network, which allows employees en route to a job to fill up at multiple fuel stations, without needing to reroute.
  • Access to current fuel prices, which provides live insight, through our online portal, into our cheapest providers - ensuring that low fuel costs are maintained.
  • Access to our Discount Diesel network, which includes special discounts, saving network members up to 10 pence per litre each time.
  • The ability to identify drivers’ miles per gallon, which enables accurate predictions for future fuel costs.

Why choose Allstar for fuel card services for your charity?

At Allstar, we appreciate the importance of saving time and money. Consequently, our service offers unique packages that can be tailored to suit a wide range of businesses. In addition to the efficient online invoices and customer discounts, our range of fuel card solutions also comes with the following perks:

  • Security and safety are a chief priority. Our cards are designed to be used by each individual driver and are pin-protected. This feature helps to prevent fuel fraud and ensures that safeguarding measures are maintained.
  • Add-on permissions to allow the cards of senior individuals within the business to make additional vehicle purchases such as car parts and MOT payments.
  • Toll payments can be made on some of our custom-made cards. Should any team members make applicable journeys, our toll payment option can be added to your service.

Let Allstar fuel cards enhance your current solution by applying for a fuel card today. Improve your worker’s journeys by providing them with a cost-effective, fuel-efficient system. We are here to help you eliminate unnecessary administration duties and create an organised structure that works for you.
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