26 July 2022


The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham starts in a couple of days and to celebrate this great event we’ve got some tips on how to turn your business’ expense and fuel management into a gold medal-winning operation.

Follow these tactics and your team could be performing at an elite level too!

1 Lead from the front

All great teams start at the top with a great leader - you!

With our digital fuel and expense solutions, you’re the manager, the head coach, the master tactician: everything controlled in one place, with one account, one payment method and one invoice for all transactions, and online dashboards to see every move, and allow you to make every decision.

2 Choose great players and benefit from brilliant support

To win, you need great players and brilliant support too, and with Allstar, when you’re buying fuel or paying for expenses through us, you get both.

Access the UK’s largest fuel card network

With our fuel and expense cards, you can access our network of more than 7,700 fuel sites covering 90% of the UK, and also save on every litre of diesel purchased through our extensive Discount Diesel network.

Online support system

Also, you’ll have a backroom platform supporting you, via Allstar Online, an online account management tool which will give you analysis of your fuel card usage and driver behaviour, so you’re in control of when, where and how much your team of drivers are spending.

3 Help your players to perform at their best

Your team will perform at their best when they’re happy, confident and relaxed. If they’re worrying about money and the cost of living, it’s likely they will be stressed and tense. We can help with that.

By taking the burden of buying fuel and having to reclaim it a later date, or paying for day-to-day expenses out of their own pocket, they’ll be ready and willing to use a solution that benefits them. With an Allstar card, all transactions are combined into one HMRC-compliant invoice, so drivers don’t need to keep receipts, helping to lighten administrative loads.

4 Develop clever tactics

No matter how talented your team, they need precise, clever tactics so they know what to do no matter what the competition throws at them.

With our fuel cards, you can direct your team to win by the solution that you choose that suits your needs. Do you want to encourage your team to buy fuel at cheaper retailers, such as supermarkets and have access to low cost fuel or are you looking to have access to the UK’s largest fuel card network? A fuel card provides you with the tools you need to have control of your fuel management- either limiting where, and what, they can buy or using our online Site Locator to find fuel stations, so they’re productive every minute they’re on the road.

And with Allstar expense solutions and controlled access to the Visa network, you can tailor every card to your needs, and set limits and permissions so each team member knows their role, and what they can spend.

5 Make the most of the talent available

Great results come when talent can be maximised and allowed to flourish. It’s the same in any sport, and it’s the same in business. And if you’re struggling with cashflow and costs, you won’t be able to let that happen.

Our expense solutions give you up to 44 days interest-free credit on purchases, lower fuel costs via Discount Diesel plus savings on your business spend at selected merchants around the country, so your team can focus on getting great results, and not sweat about it.

6 Be quick, be accurate, and save energy

Elite athletic performance requires speed, accuracy and saving energy. So ensure your team is twinkle-toed, agile, deadly, and working on things that matter by using technology to save on admin, and speed up payments.

Buying fuel with an Allstar card means they don’t have to fill out unnecessary claim forms, wasting working time, as all purchases come directly to your business so the admin can be managed quickly and accurately.

Solutions such as Visa Business Reporting in partnership with Allstar means cardholders can complete their expenses in seconds on the go, and give them time to get on with other work.

7 And innovate!

In high performing teams there’s always room for innovation and technology to enable you to get ahead, and in business motoring our Allstar One Electric card gives you a new and potentially significant advantage. 

Not only can you use the card to access the UK’s largest fuel card network, you can also use our UK-wide multi-branded network of more than 5,700 charge points across more than 2,000 locations. With the Allstar One Electric card, you can also now see all driver charging sessions on the roads, while Allstar Homecharge, powered by Mina, allows you to manage employees charging for business at home.

With solutions that enable you to transition to electric, it means you’re helping to future-proof your fleet so that by the time the 2026 Commonwealth Games comes along, you’ll be a legend and at the top of your game!

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