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15 April

| ServicePoint Case Studies


We asked our customers how using ServicePoint had helped them with their fleet servicing, maintenance and repairs

Our customers highlighted a number of key areas where they had been able to gain benefits from using ServicePoint. 

Ease of Use

ServicePoint is an easy to use cloud portal, which enables you to effectively manage the booking, approval and invoicing of all your vehicle maintenance work. 

Our customers say …

“It is easy to navigate, we can manage our fleet online and service bookings can be made direct to garages. The support is very good but the main benefit is in cost savings that are made from discounts.” 

Lee, Finance Director, McGee Ductwork Ltd

“ServicePoint is really easy to use – I logged on today to book a repair and it was done in moments.

Alexander, Ground Operations Director, BDA Logistics

“Using ServicePoint has made everything much easier. When a service is due, I’ll speak to the driver of the vehicle, they’ll tell me what area they’re in and, through ServicePoint, I’ll find the most suitable garage to book them into. Then, again through the system, I am able to agree to whatever work is required before they actually do anything.”

Mark, Buyer, Uniplant

Improved Efficiency

“The portal is very convenient and easy to use. We can now manage all the vehicle and driver information online. It is definitely saving us time and we can now focus on other items that have previously been put aside.”

Kate, Fleet Manager, AutoServe

“ServicePoint made the whole process more convenient and efficient. Everything is all in one place. I get alerts and invoices, I can logon and in five minutes, I can book a service and approve it. It just makes my life easier, so that I can spend more time actually managing the fleet - checking speeds, breakage and fuel consumption using our tracking system.”

Karen, Fleet Manager, Assured Group

“ServicePoint has allowed me to more easily manage the service and maintenance of our company vehicles while continuing with my day job.”

Alexander, Ground Operations Director, BDA Logistics

“A big plus point for us is the single invoice we receive that covers all the expenditure across our fleet, plus the technical expertise that is available.”

Mark, Buyer, Uniplant

Cost Savings

When using ServicePoint, you benefit from our exclusively negotiated rates, with an average saving of 30%

Our customers say … 

“There’s been several occasions when one of the ServicePoint technicians has contacted me to say that the garage is overcharging for oil or other items and that the invoice should be questioned, so it certainly saves money in that respect.”

Mark, Buyer, Uniplant

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