18 February 2022


At Allstar, we are expanding our 5,000 charge-point strong EV charging network alongside our nationwide petrol and diesel network, giving businesses a comprehensive, combined electric and traditional fuel offering.

For decades, Allstar has help businesses run their vehicles more cost effectively with our cards and trusted nationwide network of fuel stations, and in the future we will continue to do so, as our UK network of electric charge points continues to grow.

Already, we have more than 5,000 charge points on our nationwide network, across 2,000 locations, with more than 1,600 rapid chargers and over 1,900 fast chargers.

And we continue to add more locations as electric vehicles become increasingly prevalent on our roads. Indeed, the market for EVs shows no sign of slowing: in 2022, overall registrations for full electric cars are expected to rise by 61% to 307,000 units, pushing market share up to 16.2%, and electric LCV sales expected to increase to a 6.4% share – equivalent to 23,000 units

But while the number of vehicles is on the rise, there are challenges to address, as The Association of Fleet Professionals explains: “Company car electrification now has massive momentum and EVs are arriving on fleets in considerable and rapidly growing quantities.

This means that we are seeing increased emphasis on issues arising from their day-to-day operation – and by far the biggest of these is charging.

It’s an issue we intend to meet head-on. At Allstar, we aim to deliver simple, comprehensive charging on the road with our multi-branded network, and are developing further EV solutions that help solve new problems such as home charging, payments and expense management.

But we also recognise that for many businesses the next few years will see them running a mix of vehicles with electric, diesel and petrol, and so we have the Allstar One Electric card which allows all drivers of all vehicle types to pay for fuel or electricity.

It’s a simple and convenient way to ensure that all transactions are managed in one place, using the same payment system, and allowing the fleet manager to analyse and compare costs across all fuel and vehicles.

The Allstar One Electric card includes:

  • Nationwide Charging Network
  • Convenient, simplified recharging network, reducing range anxiety for your drivers and keeping your business on the road. 
  • UK’s largest fuel card network
  • Access to more than 90% of the UK's fuel sites, and savings with our exclusive Discount Diesel network.
  • Simplified admin and VAT recovery

All transactions from all fuel types on one HMRC-compliant invoice, which means no more chasing up receipts from drivers. Lost VAT becomes a thing of the past, paperwork is simplified and cash flow increases.

To find out just how comprehensive our charging network is, and the public charging partners  we work with, click on our infographic here:

Additionally, download our guide to find out where our Allstar One Electric card can be used when charging on-the-road, at a time and place that suits you.

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