31 March 2021


Following the deal the Allstar One Electric charging network now offers access to 1,700 locations and over 4,200 charging points.


At Allstar, we take a lead role in creating a greener future, by making the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) achievable and cost effective for consumers.

That’s why we are excited to confirm a new partnership with Plug-N-Go to enable fleet drivers to recharge their EVs at an additional 18 sites across the UK.

Strengthening our message

Plug-N-Go works to provide best in class EV charging infrastructure to support businesses as they electrify their vehicles.

With core values of universal availability, high levels of service and reducing carbon emissions, these marry those of ours, making it a strong partnership that will last and benefit UK businesses as they make the transition to EVs.

Increased customer satisfaction

Our partnership will provide customers with greater access to charging points, helping to lower range anxiety, a common barrier to entry for fleet operators looking to transition their vehicles. It will also ensure that they have full control over their drivers refuelling and spending habits, increasing visibility over locations available and how company money is being spent. 

Keeping up with demand

With 65% of businesses planning to add EVs into their fleets over the next three years*, combined with a drive from the UK government to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030, providing the right resources and infrastructure to support companies’ transition to EV is key. 

The partnership with Plug-N-Go will enable us to work towards our goal of creating an EV charging network that is equivalent to its traditional fuelling points. Our aim is to meet the rapidly growing demand from businesses looking to ensure they have the most convenient and efficient way to charge their vehicles.

To find out more about how the Allstar One Electric card can benefit your business explore our range of cards here or contact our expert team at: 0345 266 5101.

*Allstar survey carried out in Nov 2020 with 477 Allstar SME customers.

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