29 April 2021


How to discover if your remote workforce is unhappy – and what to do about it.

As working practices have changed, possibly permanently, over the past year, many businesses are learning new ways of operating, and having to understand how to ensure employees operating remotely are engaged, effective and efficient.

Remote working can have many benefits, but there are areas that need to be addressed: in our latest white paper, Allstar Business Solutions looks at the issues and how to put in place processes that examine issues and dismantle productivity roadblocks.

In our whitepaper we identify five ‘frustration roadblocks’ that stifle remote performance, and ways to spot if your business is suffering from them. They are:

  • Poor communication
  • Lack of motivation
  • Reduced visibility and accountability
  • Insufficient support
  • Out of pocket delays

Once you have identified these issues, we have provided solutions - especially in financial security and flexibility.

One of the key issues with remote working is control of payments and management of expenses and the white paper looks at digital processes and technological innovations that can keep your business’s capital under control when employees are out of the office.

Download your copy of our whitepaper here.

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