25 May 2021


More control over Service, Maintenance and Repair work has seen vehicles repaired quicker and costs reduced.

SECOM is a world class company supplying tailored security solutions to homes. In the UK, it has 650 employees and 400 vehicles, the majority of which are vans used for the fitting and maintenance of security systems.

Martin Goodin, Fleet Manager at SECOM explained: “The fundamental issue for us is that, if an employee hasn’t got a vehicle, they can’t work."

"It’s that simple. It seemed to us that there was too much downtime and the way we were looking after SMR generally didn’t work particularly well."

There were a number of specific problems. We had limited control over where and when vehicles were taken to garages for SMR and therefore didn’t have any say over the work that was carried out on them."

Some of the jobs that were completed should have been, we felt, claimed for under warranty and crucially, there was no centralised recording of each vehicle’s servicing history."

If a repair was carried out and then an identical repair repeated a few months later, we had no easy way of knowing."

There were other inefficiencies, too. For example, vehicles could go into the workshop on a Friday and then, because no parts were available, for example, a hire would have to be extended over the weekend, which meant our vehicle hire bill was too high."

All of these issues convinced us that we needed a change.

To find out how, using ServicePoint, SECOM took control of downtime, gained clearer visibility of work being undertaken and reduced spend on vehicle hire, download the case study here.

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