27 July 2021


A new flexible cashflow solution offering quick online payments to suppliers, with a credit line offering up to 61 days to repay the balance.

Many businesses across the UK are seeking to build business back up following a difficult year-and-a-half, and others are growing fast as new opportunities arise. For both, access to flexible working capital and reducing business expense administration are high up the list of needs.

Responding to these needs, Allstar has added a new electronic credit line solution for existing customers alongside its card-based solutions. Called SupplierPay, it allows customers to securely and quickly pay suppliers through the online Faster Payments system, with a credit line providing up to 61 days to repay the balance.

Simple and intuitive, customers can see available credit, search historic payments, set up new suppliers and pay existing ones quickly, much like with online banking. Two factor authentication provides the level of security you’d expect from a payment solution.

As a result, SupplierPay can help customers free up working capital and only pay for the credit they need, when they need it.  

SupplierPay is the latest business payment innovation from Allstar Business Solutions, illustrating our commitment to offer new products to our customers that help make managing their finances faster, safer and more effective,” says Thore Vestergaard, MD – Commercial Payments, Allstar Business Solutions.

As companies adapt to changing working practices, and business loans provided during the pandemic come to an end, new solutions are needed to help meet the challenges of providing access to working capital and secure payments. SupplierPay meets these challenges.

To learn more or to set-up a demo, email us and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

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