Tyre laws still apply during lockdown, drivers warned

17 April


Drivers have been warned that the six-month MOT exemption granted by the government during the coronavirus crisis does not apply to laws concerning tyres.

TyreSafe, the industry body that promotes tyre safety, says that it is as important as ever to regularly check that your tyres are safe and legal during the lockdown* – and that failing to do so is not just dangerous but can lead to a fine, per tyre, of £2,500 as well as three points being added to your driving licence.

It is suggested that you could use a 20 pence piece as a useful guide to measure tread depth. Insert the coin across the width of the tyre and around its circumference. If you can see the border to the 20p, your tyre is close to the 1.6 mm legal limit and should be checked with an accurate gauge, probably by a professional. Drivers should also make sure that their tyre doesn’t have any lumps, cracks or objects embedded in it.

TyreSafe points out that tyre pressure is also important. The correct air pressure for your vehicle can be found in the manufacturer handbook, door shut or fuel filler cap, as well as many online look-up tables including at tyresafe.org. Owners should use an accurate pressure gauge to check their tyre’s inflation level and adjust it according to whether they are carrying a heavy or light load, as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.  

*Tyre Safe

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