27 January 2022


No matter what lies ahead in 2022, we are here to provide support and solutions, says Paul Holland, Managing Director for UK Fuel at Allstar.

It’s fair to say that for many businesses 2021 was a turbulent year, and we can all hope that 2022 will bring some much-needed stability at last.

At Allstar Business Solutions, we’ve supported our customers in every possible way to identify and meet these challenges, help them understand why they are happening, and offer solutions. And, crucially, to then plan for the future too.

With our monthly Insights publication, of which this is the first of the year, we look at all the issues that affect businesses running vehicles, whether you’re a big or small fleet, run cars, vans or trucks. We feel it’s incredibly important to provide our customers with as much useful, actionable information as possible in a world that is changing very quickly. You can find dozens of articles looking at every aspect of fleet management here.

Fuel prices endured a volatile time last year, and you can read about why here. As one of the UK’s largest fuel card company, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible value when buying petrol and diesel, so that no matter what happens to the price you can be assured your fleet is running as costs-effectively as possible.

While our fuel cards are the foundation of our business, they also provide access to a huge range of fleet management products and services beyond buying fuel. No doubt, the next few years will be dominated by electrification, and at Allstar we have a comprehensive offer to help you make the transition.

With our Allstar One Electric card, you can access a nationwide multi-brand network of electric vehicle charging sites, while our partnership with industry leaders such as Mina and Zap Map helps fleets put in place all the pieces of the puzzle, from paying for employees’ home electricity which charges work vehicles to sourcing public charge points.

In the past 12 months, fleets have struggled to keep vehicles on the road due to shortages of parts and technicians, but our ServicePoint parts and tyre offering helps to reduce downtime and costs. While the changes to working practices has also put expense management and wider employee payments under the spotlight we’ve got this covered to with our payment and expense solutions.

We all hope this year will hold fewer surprises, but nevertheless there is a lot of exciting change coming, and at Allstar Business Solutions we are delighted to be able to work with you as you move forward.

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