What is a business expense card?

20 April


A business expense card combines the best aspects of a corporate card and a fuel card 

Like a fuel card, you can limit expenditure and purchasing as you see fit, without risking any misuse. But, like a corporate card, you can give your employees the flexibility they need to do their job well.

What is a business expense card?

An expense card is a type of business credit card that gives your employees more flexibility. With this card, they can buy fuel and make other purchases within specific spend categories. You stay in control by setting limits for each category, so that there is no room for misuse.

With the Allstar Plus Visa card, you can access detailed reporting on fuel use, efficiency and MPG, capture Level 3-line detail and make full use of HMRC-compliant fuel invoicing. The card also comes with 44 day interest-free purchasing, making your cash flow smoother.

How does it compare to other cards?

An expense card combines the best of a fuel corporate credit card. Explore the details our Allstar Expense for more detail.

How is it similar to a fuel card?

Like the fuel card, you can track and limit your employees’ spending. You can also make sure that all your fuel purchases are combined into one, HMRC-compliant invoice. No receipts are required either, making your administration processes much easier. With the Allstar Plus you can access great prices at fuel stations across the country, granting you real savings.

How is it similar to a corporate card?

Allstar Plus is also similar to the corporate card in that you can allow your employees to spend on a variety of business purchases, not just fuel. You can also use contactless technology for smaller purchases, and your purchases will be interest free for a set period. Allstar Plus is ideal for those times when plans suddenly change, and your employees need

With the Allstar Plus card you get all the benefits of a fuel card, including discounted diesel at over 1,800 sites. This will save you a considerable amount, especially if your drivers were previously deviating from their routes to find the best fuel prices.

You can also free up your cash flow by consolidating your fuel payments into one monthly invoice. Rather than chasing and collating receipts, your single fuel invoice is already HMRC-compliant, saving you time and money on mundane administration costs. And, as your purchases and invoices are interest-free for 44 days, you have more flexibility within a streamlined process across your entire spend.

If you’re ready to start saving, have a look at the Allstar Plus Visa card now. 

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