09 September 2021


At Allstar, we are marking the annual celebration of electric vehicles (EV) – World EV Day – by highlighting just how far the industry has come in supporting the uptake of EVs in the UK.

We also call for fleet managers and charge point operators (CPOs) to collaborate with us, so that together as an industry we are able to meet the evolving needs of customers as adoption grows and towards the government’s 2030 green agenda.

We saw the UK hit a major milestone in the adoption of EVs recently, with nearly 1 in 7 new cars sold so far in 2021 being powered all or in part by electricity. Additionally, ultra-low emission cars accounted for more than 1 in 10 sales last year, up from 1 in 30 the year before. The UK’s public charging point infrastructure is continually improving too, with 15,921 sites and 25,288 devices, demonstrating that EVs have moved from a niche concern to the mainstream.

Improving infrastructure

We at Allstar applaud the seven major British companies that have banded together to create the Electric Vehicle Fleet Accelerator (EVFA), which serves to further accelerate the take up of EVs in the UK. The group’s recent report provides advice for the industry and government on how to achieve electrification targets, including government policy that could result in £50billion in investment in infrastructure and electric fleets in the next five years.

The infrastructure supporting EVs is maturing all the time to make them fit for commercial use, and Allstar is making it its mission to be a part of the change for good by striving to create a universal network for fleets as they begin to transition to electric vehicles. We are achieving this by partnering with key network providers including Engie EV Solutions, Source London, ESB Energy, Osprey, Alfa Power, Hubsta, EB Charging, Mer, Plug n Go, and Franklin Energy, ensuring it continues to improve infrastructure for the EV market and enable fleet operators to adopt the technology with greater ease.

To date, we have incorporated almost 5,000 charge points onto our electric charging network, with the ability to pay, using the Allstar One Electric card, at more than 3,200 fast and 1,314 rapid chargers. Our network has grown rapidly in the last 12 months as we work towards creating a convenient charging network for fleets when on the road. To achieve this, Allstar is concentrating its efforts on adding rapid and ultra-rapid charging points in convenient locations for drivers.

Our electric charging network operates alongside the traditional fuel site coverage of more than 90% of sites across the UK. This provides added convenience for those customers operating hybrid vehicles and mixed fleets that need convenient access to a dual network to help improve efficiencies. All charging transactions, alongside traditional fuel, combine into one HMRC-compliant invoice providing full visibility of costs. 

Preparing for the transition to EV

Ahead of the government’s 2030 cut off for the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans, fleet operators must start to prepare for a transition to EVs. We want to help this process and ease some of the issues related to on road charging and range anxiety from drivers.

The switch to EVs is welcome due to increasing concerns over the environment and the negative carbon footprint associated with traditional fossil fuel powered vehicles, but it also puts immense pressure on businesses as the transition will take time and a great investment as well as new processes and training to accommodate these vehicles.

For more information on the Allstar One Electric card, please click here.

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