Allstar Fleet Geek Quiz - Winner

22 December

| Meet the winner of our quiz - R&P Engineering LLP


Meet the winner of our quiz - R&P Engineering LLP

In the November edition of our newsletter, we ran a quiz to find out who out of our customers and social media followers knew the most about the fleet industry and would therefore be crowned the ‘Fleek Geek’ 2015.

We had many people complete the quiz of ten fleet and fuel industry-related questions. These questions included the likes of:

The UK Government axed the paper counterpart to driving licences on what date? - Which of course was on the 8th June of this year.


What was the total number of roadworks/road maintenance projects which were completed in 2014 in the UK? - The number for this was a mighty 1,542!

The prize for the quiz was a luxury Christmas hamper with all kinds of Christmas goodies inside.

The person with ten correct answers and now the winner of this years’ ‘Fleet Geek’ quiz is Sarah- Jane Jackson, Financial Controller of R&P Engineering LLP.

R&P Engineering LLP is a sheet metal fabrication company with over 20 years’ experience in delivering high standard metal fabrication.

It produces sheet metal to precision engineering and works closely with its customers to create bespoke and innovative designs to meet specific needs.

We are pleased to say that R&P Engineering has been working with us and using Allstar fuel cards for the past ten years for its fleet. It mainly uses the cards to fuel its fleet of vehicles which travel around the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire areas, clocking up to 80,000 miles per year per vehicle.

Sarah-Jane says the best thing about using Allstar fuel cards is the: “ease of use, accurate billing and dedicated and very helpful staff.”

Congratulations to Sarah-Jane and R&P Engineering on winning the ‘Fleet Geek’ of 2015! We hope you enjoy your prize and have a merry Christmas!

Thank you to all those who took part in this years’ ‘Fleet Geek’ quiz, and we wish all of our customers a very merry Christmas.

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