Allstar Social Media Prize Draw

04 January

| Meet our winner, Chris Lowery from NWR Hygiene group


Meet our winner, Chris Lowery from NWR Hygiene group

In the September edition of our newsletter, we ran a prize draw on our social media channels where by following us on Twitter and retweeting our promotional post with the hashtag #AllstarFuelCards, you could have been entered into a prize draw. The prize for this was an iPad Air!

We had over 1500 engagements with our social media posts on Twitter over the 15 days the competition ran, with entrants retweeting, liking and hashtagging but the lucky winner of our prize draw was…

…Chris Lowery, Managing Director of NWR Hygiene Group (@NWRHygieneGroup) who is now the lucky owner of an iPad Air.

NWR Hygiene Group is a washroom hygiene company based in Durham that provides washroom facilities and products on a rental basis throughout the north of England.

NWR Hygiene specialise in commercial washrooms, helping companies nationally to provide their employees and customers the very best in hygienic washroom facilities.

The company has a fleet of eleven, mainly Volkswagen vehicles, which are used to serve customers with deliveries.

NWR Hygiene’s fleet mainly travel between Manchester and Glasgow, annually reaching around 25,000 miles per vehicle, and they have been using Allstar fuel cards to power their vehicles for the past eight years.  

The company is currently taking advantage of the new Allstar One card throughout their fleet, enabling them to reap the many benefits the card offers.

Chris Lowery, Managing Director of NWR Hygiene said, “The Allstar One card is a one stop shop for discounted fuel, tyres and repairs.”

NWR Hygiene has included on its Allstar One fuel cards the ability to pay for tyres – brought to us by our partner ATS Euromaster, and glass repair and replacement – brought to us by our partner, National Windscreens. These additional services added on to the fuel cards not only provides them with the convenience and ease of paying for these services with their Allstar One fuel card, the control of receiving all transactions on one invoice along with their fuel spend, but also the cost savings they can benefit from due to our partnerships with these providers.

In addition, NWR Hygiene benefit from the discounted diesel rate available with the Allstar One card for even more cost-savings.

Congratulations to NWR Hygiene Group on their win, and we look forward to working with them for many more years to come.

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