MacBook Pro Winner

15 April

| Meet Maddy Anderson from Carter Sullivan Ltd, the winner of our Customer Service Survey competition


Meet Maddy Anderson from Carter Sullivan Ltd, the winner of our Customer Service Survey competition

Maddy Anderson, Operations Director at Carter Sullivan Limited was the lucky winner of the March online competition. She entered this competition by completing the Allstar customer service survey online and was picked at random as the winner of a brand new Mac Book Pro. 

The company Maddy works for, Carter Sullivan Limited is a design, installation and maintenance service provider for uninterruptable power supplies and critical power systems. The company installs UPS systems for the manufacturer and resellers within the industry on a business -to -business basis.  

Maddy says that the best part of her job as Finance Director is the satisfaction of running a successful business that she and her husband started from scratch.

“Cash flow”, says Maddy, is the hardest part of her job mainly because it can be a real juggling act, which can be said for most businesses! However, with the addition of Allstar Fuel Cards to the mix, this has been made a lot simpler and easier with regular invoicing and payments – everything can run like clockwork!

The company currently has eleven vehicles in its fleet with the majority of those being Vauxhall Vivaros – a spacious, practical and economical, commercial vehicle. The Carter Sullivan Limited fleet are mainly involved in transporting materials and goods to sites for installation which are located across the width and breadth of the UK and occasionally in Europe. With a combined annual mileage of around 500,000miles, it is safe to say that this fleet definitely gets around!

Carter Sullivan Limited has been a customer of Allstar Fuel Cards since January 2008 and has nine Allstar cards on its books. When asked what the best thing about using Allstar Fuel Card Services is, Maddy revealed that she and the business were impressed by the coverage of fuel sites throughout the UK and that that is why they have been a loyal customer for the past seven years.

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