BVRLA Fleet Technology Congress

24 February


Car technology is on the brink of becoming something very special with new hardware, software and systems heralding the arrival of a truly smart experience.

Fleet cars are at the very forefront of this, leading the way before changes filter down to the mainstream vehicles that fill the roads.

The event in Gaydon on 1 July 2014 is set to send spines tingling with an array of spectacular technology on show, with the chance to see what lies under the bonnet up close and personal.

If you're thinking of heading along to the BVRLA Fleet Technology Congress, here are a few facts to whet your appetite.

Aim of the show

Being hooked up to a range of different systems, cars are currently hot in the world of technology and production.

Telecommunication firms along with both hardware and software providers are keen to make their mark on the motorist, introducing products which will help to completely change what happens when a driver gets behind the wheel.

Personal transport is set to get not just smarter, but safer and more efficient too, allowing drivers more choice and functionality but delivering it in a different way than what they may be used to.

The BVRLA Fleet Technology Congress will take a closer look at some of the technologies which are already in production, as well as those about to be launched, and will consider some of the challenges which lie ahead.

As well as the chance to see and touch prototypes and new designs, attendees can enjoy a series of keynote presentations, panel debates and fully interactive sessions, allowing them to become totally absorbed in the brave new world around them.

Central themes

Whilst the use of technology both current and future is the fundamental underlying principle, there are a number of more specific topics which will be addressed on the day.

These can be split into one of three main groups:

Connected vehicles:

Smartphone apps and telematics are revolutionising the cars on the road. Ford has just released an innovative new system which improves safety whilst increasing accessibility for the driver, an app which is expected to be the start of many more. These types of apps could have a very significant impact on the managements of fleet vehicles and transform the way they are driven and overseen.

Big Data:

A whole host of sensitive and valuable data will be generated by the use of smart systems within vehicles. The event will consider who is the true owner of the information which is produced, what exactly will be available and how it can be used for maximum effect.

Technology and risk:

One of the most useful elements of emerging technology for vehicles is the potential it has to reduce and eliminate risk, as well as providing important feedback about performance. Historically drivers have been resistant to automatic safety controls but recent developments such as obstruction sensors and lane change warnings have proved to be a success, with more than three quarters of those trialling the systems agreeing they would want to use them. The continued evolution of safety technology plus the use of black box information to assess risk will be debated and discussed on the day.

Some of the more specific debates and presentations include:

• the government's role in promoting automotive technology
• smart ticketing and parking
• digitalisation and self-driving
• autonomous safety technology
• telematics and insurance

Where is it?

The BVRLA Fleet Technology Congress is being held at the following:
Heritage Motor Centre

1 July 2014

Keynote presentations and debates will take place in the Conference Suite in the same location.

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