Green Fleet Awards, Gaydon, Warwickshire, 30th October, 2014

17 March


Managing a fleet and being environmentally aware may seem like a contradiction but it's entirely possibly to run a large pool of vehicles and still have green credentials.

The Green Fleet Awards recognises those individuals who work hard to cut down the impact of fleet transport on the environment by the use of innovation and smart thinking.

Top Gear motoring expert Quentin Wilson will be presenting the awards, so with lots of competition for each category, the event promises to be hotter than ever.

If you've never been to the Green Fleet Awards before; here's a rundown of what you need to know.

What it's all about

The Green Fleet Awards look to publicly recognise individuals and organisations who prioritise the needs of the environment alongside the requirement for fleet transport.

The awards are open to all including both private and public organisations, large and small alike.

To enter your company into a category, you simply need to submit a 500 word statement explaining how you meet the criteria and why you should win.

Detailed examples are encouraged rather than just a series of vague statements.

There is no cost to enter and those who are shortlisted will be provided with free tickets for the awards ceremony in October.

The Awards

There are 17 different categories which companies, suppliers and manufacturers can enter, with distinct qualifying criteria specified for each.

The list of categories for 2014 is as follows:

• City Car Manufacturer of the Year
• Driver Training Initiative of the Year
• Electric Vehicle of the Year
• Fleet Car Manufacturer of the Year
• Industry Innovation Award
• IT Innovation Award:
• LCV Manufacturer of the Year
• Leasing Company of the Year
• LGV Manufacturer of the Year
• Private Hire/Taxi Company of the Year
• Private Sector Fleet Manager of the Year
• Private Sector Fleet of the Year (medium to large fleet)
• Private Sector Fleet of the Year (small to medium fleet)
Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year
Public Sector Fleet of the Year (medium to large fleet)
Public Sector Fleet of the Year (small to medium fleet)
• Rental Company of the Year 

Each category specifies certain criteria which should be fulfilled in order to be eligible for nomination. In some cases, the type of emissions of the car may be defined, or the size of the company. In other categories, a general overview may be provided, explaining what the judges are looking for, such as innovation, technology and smart management.

Writing your entry

If you are thinking about entering your organisation for one of the categories, the event organisers have some suggestions about how to make your submission statement stand out.

They want to know a bit about you and the company you work for, as well as basic details about the fleet. How many vehicles, some of the makes and models used, the average mileage per annum along with the typical CO2 value are all useful facts to present.

Technology is always a head-turner so if your company has used cutting edge systems or methods, or applied them in an innovative way, you could catch the attention of the judges.

Explaining the outcome of your actions is essential; how much CO2 have you managed to save as a direct result of your actions? What about other environmental benefits? Make sure you provide specific details about how the policies of your organisation have had a positive effect.

Of course, making a company operate efficiently as an eco-centric organisation can't be managed alone. Getting the message out to employees and incentivising them to follow suit is a large part of the process. The judges will be keen to hear how you have communicated the need for green transports methods to all levels of employees.

Don't be scared to share your hopes for the future too; describing how you see environmentally friendly policies fitting in with your future plans can form part of your submission too. A green fleet doesn't develop overnight, it takes planning, structuring and maintenance and it's good to show you've thought ahead.

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