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27 February

| Chip & PIN with Allstar Cards


Upgrading your cards to chip technology 

The card production process

Sending you your new cards 

Managing PIN numbers 

Allstar One card 



Upgrading Your Cards to Chip technology

Why are Allstar changing all their customers’ cards to Chip & PIN or Chip and Signature?

As market leader in fuel cards, we continuously monitor developments within the UK payment card marketplace and the technology of fuel cards overall. As a result, we will be upgrading our fuel cards to offer Chip & PIN and Chip and Signature functionality. Chip & PIN will enable us to offer even greater security and control on our fuel cards. And it will allow us to enhance our products and provide greater benefits to customers and to introduce new products in the future.

What does this upgrade involve?

We will ultimately be replacing all cards currently in use with new upgraded Chip & PIN or Chip and Signature cards.  New cards will operate with a Chip, similar to those used in bank cards, which will deliver improved security and functionality. Chip & PIN cards are issued with a unique PIN which drivers will need to enter at the point of sale (POS) every time they make a purchase. We recognise that this is a significant change for Fleet Managers and their drivers, and we’ll ensure we support you and your drivers throughout the change to Chip cards. We’ll be in touch with you well in advance of your move date – up to three months in most cases – to let you know the details of how it will work for your business.

What are Chip and Signature cards?

Chip and Signature cards have a chip – just like Chip & PIN cards – but require a signature as the second authentication check rather than a PIN. The chip makes them more secure than a magnetic strip card, but they are less secure than cards which require an exact match of a PIN to validate. They are only used in particular where a Chip & PIN card would be inappropriate. 

Upgrading you to Allstar One as standard

Most upgrades will be to the new Allstar One card which delivers a wealth of additional benefits. As well as giving you all the security and convenience benefits of a chip card, it allows drivers to fill up  anywhere in the nationwide Allstar network and delivers a substantial 2 pence per litre discount on diesel bought at around 1,800 Discounted Diesel sites. All on the same card. 

Will my business need to have new cards?

Yes, as existing cards only have a magnetic strip, we will need to issue replacement cards for all our customers. We will work closely with you to ensure that the upgrade to the new cards is as simple and straightforward as possible

Can I keep my existing cards?

No, we plan to upgrade all customers to the new Chip cards as soon as is practical. We’ll be in touch with you in plenty of time to let you know when we plan to upgrade you.

When will we get our new cards?

We will communicate directly with customers, 12 weeks before their planned upgrade to new chip cards. This process will start in the summer and will run on for about 18 months.

Will my drivers have to remember a PIN?

Yes, just as they do for their personal credit/debit cards and many other products and services that provide secure access for that individual. We intend to follow best practice industry standards and Chip & PIN cards will be the default option as it is the best and the most secure. We recognise, though, that there are circumstances which prevent the use of Chip & PIN cards, and in those cases, a Chip and Signature alternative will be available.

What are the benefits to me?

One of the key benefits of the move to Chip & PIN will be the ability to restrict purchases on the fuel card. This will prevent drivers using their fuel card to purchase the incorrect or premium grade of fuel at forecourts.

What are the benefits to my drivers?

The biggest immediate benefit available to drivers is access to the growing network of Outside Payment Terminals (OPT’s) on garage forecourts which allow access to fuel at unmanned outlets in many cases 24 hours a day. Currently Allstar fuel cards without a PIN are blocked from these pumps which restricts your drivers’ access to fuel, but the new, upgraded Chip & PIN cards will enable drivers full access to OPTs at unmanned sites.

How will the Chip make my cards more secure?

Chip technology is already a proven method for commercial and consumer credit cards that contributes to the reduction of fraud and card misuse. The technology is well understood by cardholders and merchants alike and provides a simple means of preventing many of the most common types of card fraud.

Your existing magnetic strip cards are very safe as we operate a comprehensive range of controls and security checks every time a card is used at one of our Allstar merchants. The introduction of Chip & PIN technology will allow us to put security controls in place, including at Outside Payment Terminals (OPTs), but your existing magnetic strip cards are very secure.

Will drivers be able to use their new cards everywhere their existing cards can?

Yes, your new cards will be accepted throughout the Allstar network.

Are you increasing your charges for Chip cards?

There are no additional or new charges for the introduction of chip cards.

Will Chip & PIN cards still need to be signed on the reverse?

Yes, they will. There are always occasions when garages and fuel stations won’t be able to accept a PIN as security verification for transactions, and in these circumstances a signature is used as a security check.

My cards are shared by multiple drivers. Will this need to change?

No. If your business is in this situation, we’ll work closely with you to establish the most suitable solutions for your needs to provide an appropriate level of access to fuel, security, control and driver convenience, including multiple-user requirements.

My business uses paper based vouchers. Will this need to change?

No – this product will continue to operate as it currently does.

The Card Production Process

Will the new Chip cards look very different from my existing cards?

They’ll look very similar to your existing cards, with the exception that they will have a chip embedded on the left hand side and some of the information printed on them may be different. Just like bank cards, the chip has to be placed in a very specific position so that it can be read by all the different types of machine in the Allstar network. If you are upgrading to the new Allstar One card, your cards will feature an exclusive new design.

allstar one.jpg

How do I make sure my new Chip cards have the right information on them?

As part of the upgrade process, we’ll write to you with the current details on your existing cards and ask you to check them and make any necessary changes to ensure that your replacement cards are correct. 

Some of my existing card details are wrong. How can I get this changed?

It’s very straightforward to get card details changed. You can make all of these changes online using the Allstar Online web system.

We have a mix of driver names and registration numbers on our current cards. Can I still have this with Chip cards?

Yes, Chip cards can have both the vehicle registration number and the driver name embossed on the front of the card. Our recommendation would be to have the driver name embossed where possible. Only where a driver name is not feasible would the vehicle registration number be embossed on the card.

My business is unable to manage individual PINs on fuel cards. Can I stay with magnetic strip cards please?

No, magnetic strip cards are being replaced with Chip cards. So if your cardholders are unable to manage a unique PIN, we can switch you to Chip and Signature cards. These cards are governed by additional Terms and Conditions, so please review to the terms and conditions sent to you recently or they can be accessed at  

My fuel cards currently have only vehicle registration number embossed but are used by an individual person. Will these cards be replaced with Chip & PIN cards?

Yes, you will be issued Chip & PIN cards when your business is upgraded.

Can I still have vehicle registration numbers on my new Chip & PIN cards?

Yes as long as your drivers can manage a PIN allocated to the card, your new Chip & PIN cards will continue to have the registration number embossed.

Our current cards don’t have any driver or vehicle details embossed on them. Can we continue this with our new Chip & PIN cards?

We call cards that do not carry either a driver name or vehicle registration number ‘Bearer Cards’. All Bearer Cards are required to be covered via an indemnity against increased risk linked to that card. Allstar cannot issue Chip & PIN cards that are not registered to either a driver or a vehicle but other products are available subject to terms and conditions. Should you require Bearer cards, please contact your usual Allstar contact to discuss.

We currently give drivers vouchers to allow them to fuel any vehicle. Can we continue this with our new Chip cards?

Voucher Cards are not currently being updated to carry a Chip, so these cards will not be changed and your business will continue to receive Voucher Cards from Allstar.

Our current cards have  Fleet Numbers, Cost Centre or Division details embossed on them. Can we continue this with our new Chip & PIN cards?

No – the new cards will only be embossed with driver name and/or vehicle registration number, however this additional data you currently have embossed on the cards will be retained by Allstar and can be provided as part of our reporting information. Some businesses do use the vehicle registration number space to insert another number, special to them, and this is allowed as long as it fits the necessary format.

Are there any changes to card numbers?

Yes, your Allstar One cards will have a different card number from your existing Allstar cards. Allstar One card numbers are now 16 digits long, so you may need to update your internal systems to reflect these changes.

Our current cards are ID Bearer cards so that any driver can use them by showing their company ID to the cashier. Can we continue this with our new Chip cards?

Yes, ID Bearer cards will be upgraded to include Chip functionality.

We have a lot of cards to upgrade. How much advance notice will we get, and what help will Allstar give me to check all the details are correct?

We aim to give you at least twelve weeks’ advance notice of your changeover. We’ll send you the information you need, when you need it as the weeks prior to changeover go by. We’re always here to answer your questions over the phone or by email, and through this Q&A section.

Sending You Your New Cards

Will I receive my Chip cards batched in the same way as my existing Allstar cards are currently received?

Not exactly – there will be some changes to the way in which your new cards will be dispatched to you. The card will be attached to a card carrier letter (similar to the way bank cards are sent) which is designed to provide information for your driver on the use of their new card.  Where relevant, the PIN for the cards will be dispatched separately from the cards for security purposes.

How will I receive my cards?

Every card carrier letter will be placed into a separate window envelope.  If you have requested up to 20 cards, these will be dispatched to you as individual mailings. For orders of more than 20 cards to be sent to a single point of contact, the individual envelopes will be grouped together and packaged into a larger envelope or box. A maximum of 200 cards will be sent in any one package due to weight restrictions with the postal agent, so orders of more than 200 will be split into separate batches.

What will be included with my cards to assist me with issuing the cards to drivers?

If you receive multiple cards, then a card information report will also be included with your dispatch. This will detail the cards contained within the package. To assist you so that you do not have to open the single window envelopes, an identifier that details the last 6 digits of the card number will show in the window of the envelope. This can then be cross referenced with the card information report. We recommend that you retain the card information report for your records.

Can I distribute the cards to my drivers immediately or do I have to wait for the corresponding PIN mailer to arrive?

This is a decision for your company to make. We recommend that you issue Chip & PIN cards as soon as you receive them. For security reasons the corresponding PIN mailers will be sent to you separately, one day after the card dispatch. If your company policy is for drivers to sign for receipt of cards, you may find it easier to issue the PIN and Chip & PIN card together. If however your policy is to send cards to drivers, we would recommend that you send the Chip card and PIN mailer separately.

Will the PIN mailers be sent in the same way as card mailers?

Yes, a single PIN mailer will be placed into a standard window envelope that will be dispatched to you as a single mailing. If you have requested up to 20 cards, the PIN's will also be dispatched to you as individual mailings. For orders of more than 20 cards, we’ll group the PIN mailers together and send them packaged into a larger envelope or box. PIN mailers for more than 500 cards will be sent in batches of 500.

As with the card dispatch, an identifier will show in the window of the envelope showing the last six digits of the card number so that is can be matched to the cards where appropriate.


May I request that Chip & PIN cards or PIN mailers be sent to a different address? Is this possible?

Yes, as long as you confirm the alternative address to us in writing (to avoid mistakes) when you request your Chip & PIN cards and PIN mailers.

Managing PIN Numbers

What is a PIN?

A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a 4-digit number that a cardholder enters into the Point of Sale (POS) to verify a transaction. The PIN offers additional security as it should only be known by the card holder and cannot be  compromised if a card is lost or stolen. The result is enhanced protection against fraud and the added benefit of peace of mind.

How do drivers get a PIN and will they need a new fuel card?

When your account is going to be upgraded to the new Chip & PIN cards, you will be issued with a new set of fuel cards which contain a Chip.  Shortly afterwards, you will receive a corresponding set of PIN's to be used with these cards. The cards and PIN's will be sent to the designated card delivery address for your company. You can then send these on to individual drivers. Cards and PIN's should always be distributed separately if sent onward to the driver by internal or external post. (see Sending You Your New Cards)

Are all Allstar cards changing to Chip cards?

Although most Allstar cards will be changing to Chip, certain card types will continue to operate as they did previously, e.g. Allstar Voucher Cards and Discount Diesel cards.

Can drivers choose their own PIN or change it once they receive it?

No, PIN's are system-generated and cannot be chosen. The PIN's issued by Allstar are also static and cannot be changed after issue by either the cardholder or Allstar.

What should I do if a driver forgets their PIN?

Please log on and request a new PIN for that card online, or contact Allstar Customer Services on 0370 419 5165 or via We will then arrange for a PIN reminder to be posted to your designated card contact address.

Can drivers write their PIN on the back of the card?

Never. For security reasons, a PIN should only be known to the cardholder. A PIN must never be written on a card or held with a card. Allstar customers will be liable for any transaction validated by a PIN. 

What should drivers do if their PIN has become known to somebody else?

If you feel that the security of your PIN has become compromised, please advise Allstar immediately. We will need to issue you with a new Chip & PIN card and new PIN.

Can drivers’ cards become locked if they get the PIN wrong?

Yes it can. If you enter the wrong PIN five times in a row when trying to make a purchase, the card and PIN will be blocked and you will need to contact Allstar Customer Services for a replacement card.

Allstar One card

What is the Allstar One card? What are the benefits?

Allstar One is a new generation fleet card. It’s a unique hybrid card, combining both the benefits of the Allstar network and the Discount Diesel network into a one card solution.

It gives you:

  • The convenience of the nationwide Allstar network of around 7,700 sites which means your drivers never have to drive around looking for a fuel station that’ll accept their card
  • Cost savings from Discounted Diesel available at around 1,780 of these fuel stations, offering you 2 pence per litre savings
  • The control you get from having all your business’ fleet transactions rolled up into one easy invoice with no need to keep individual receipts.

How does it work?

The card combines the two payment options; Chip & PIN or Chip and Signature for payment at Allstar sites and a swipe using the magnetic strip for payment at Discount Diesel sites. These payment options are conveniently rolled up into one card.  This means you will continue to benefit from pump price at the Allstar sites, but by filling up at any of the Discount Diesel sites, you’ll unlock the benefit of a cost saving of 2 pence per litre for diesel purchased when paying via the swipe option.

Please remember though that you’ll only get the saving when your drivers remember to pay by swiping the magnetic strip in those dual sites. If they pay through Chip & PIN, you’ll be charged normal pump price.

What will drivers need to do differently?

They can continue to use the same fill up sites that they already use. The only difference is the way they pay for their fuel. They should use the magnetic strip swiping option where they can in the Discount Diesel sites, to get the Discounted Diesel, and the Chip & PIN or Chip and Signature option everywhere else.

Can the Allstar One card be used at Outside Payment Terminals?

Yes. One of the advantages of all Allstar Chip & PIN cards, including Allstar One, is that your drivers will be able to use them at outside payment terminals.

What happens if a driver pays for fuel in a Discount Diesel site with the Chip & PIN or Chip and Signature. Can we still get the discount?

Unfortunately not. That’s why it’s really important that they pay using the magnetic strip and signature in those sites.

When and where will we get the saving? 


How will my drivers know how they should use their Allstar One card, ie which sites are Discount Diesel sites?

Some sites will display signs to make it clear to drivers how they should pay (the Chip & PIN, Chip and Signature or magnetic strip option). Chip & PIN sites and Discount Diesel (magnetic strip) sites will be identifiable by the below signs.


However, the best way to be certain is for drivers to refer to the site locator online at, via the Google Play or iTunes app which they can download free to their smartphone, or by downloading Sat Nav files to their Sat Nav.

If you request it, we will write to you with a list that shows the sites that your drivers use and how they break down between pump price and discount diesel.

Will my current cards be deactivated?

Yes. Our normal process is to deactivate your current cards  six weeks after you receive your new cards.

Can a Chip & PIN be used without a PIN (if the driver forgets the PIN)?

  1. This is one of the chief security protections of the Chip & PIN card – a valid PIN must be entered in order for it to work.

Is the Discount Diesel discount based on volume?

No, everybody will get the discount, regardless of how much diesel they use. The reduction in price will apply to all diesel purchased in the Discount Diesel network and there will be no qualifying level of total spend required for customers to start benefiting from these savings.

What reporting will be available i.e. will I be able to see the value of the discounts I’ve received?

You will have access to online reporting as standard, and there will be a new transaction report which will show you the transactions that have been made at Discount Diesel sites. This will be indicated under the ‘Network’ heading as ‘Premier’.

How will I know how big the discount is at Discount Diesel sites?

The discount on diesel at Discount Diesel sites is currently 2 pence per litre. We expect this to remain stable, but we might need to change the discount if there is a material change in market or wholesale pricing, or our commercial arrangements with fuel suppliers. We will notify you of any changes to the discounts at least a month before the change, via the fee tariff.

How will I be invoiced?

All purchases of fuel across the combination of sites will be invoiced via a single invoice in the usual way.

Will the cashier know to swipe the magnetic strip on drivers’ cards in a Discount Diesel sites?

Not necessarily.  It will be up to drivers to choose the correct payment option in Discount Diesel sites for you to benefit from the savings. However, you can ask us to force the transaction to be paid for in the way that’s best for you. In other words, we can make it so that drivers don’t have to remember which payment method to use – so that in Discount Diesel sites, the Chip won’t work, and they can only pay by swiping the magnetic strip.

To request this function, please speak to your usual Allstar contact. 

Is there anything else which is different about drivers’ experiences in Discount Diesel sites?

The last four or six digits of your account number which are shown on till receipts from Discount Diesel sites will not match the number embossed on the card. This is linked to the way we manage to deliver the discount via the card. However, you can reconcile the Discount Diesel transactions via your invoice as shown in the example below.


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