2040: Be prepared

29 September


The Government has pledged to end the production of diesel and petrol vehicles from 2040.

How can you start to prepare?

  1. Driver training

Investing in training your drivers to drive smoothly and anticipate other drivers’ actions will help your fuel go further.

  1. Tax

The government has changed tax brackets to make it easy to offset the purchase of a new, green vehicle against your business costs through the 100pc First Year Allowance.

  1. Government grants

Talking of savings, the Government is also offering grants to encourage you to buy green technology, reducing your business’ operating costs.

  1. Use the latest tech

Vehicles with technology designed to help the driver will help fuel economy, ultimately making your fleet more environmentally friendly.

  1. Stop grey fleet usage

You have no control over your fuel economy if your drivers use their own cars to build up your fleet.

  1. Wait for the latest round of electric vehicles

New models are on the way that will eliminate range anxiety (they can travel 300 miles)

  1. Be realistic

It’s unlikely that you will be able to make all these changes straight away; focus on one or two and then work upwards.

Of course, you can also start to mitigate your CO₂ emissions through our product, EcoPoint, which has so far planted 2.3 million trees on behalf of our customers.

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