4 problems all fleet managers face

22 March


What is the most effective way to manage a fleet of vehicles?

That’s the question eternally on the lips of transport-driven businesses in the UK. From the cars, trucks or vans themselves, to the consistent behaviour of those behind the wheel, handling your vehicle resources can be tricky without a good sense of guidance.

To put your fleet on the roadmap to success, we’ve isolated four key problems to overcome. By recognising them early, and adapting your processes and investments, the risk of failure will fade in your rear-view mirror.

1. Unsafe drivers

We assume that employees are suitable to send on a trip if they have a valid driving licence, or – for HGVs – the relevant qualifications. Yet, it never does anyone many favours if we leave their driving skills untested for years at a time. Regular refresher courses, graded by you or a third party, will proof the fleet against accidents. This is especially vital when we consider the encroachment of in-car telematics, which measures driver safety and will dictate future insurance coverage.

2. Location tracking

Planning a route is, at first, made on good faith – you assume that drivers are going to take the best path to a delivery, service job or client meeting. But in reality, they can become distracted or forget where they’re meant to go. GPS is essential for both parties: the driver has to understand the mapping technology interface, and you must be able to see where everyone is, so you can redirect them if they get into trouble. Find a GPS service that is simple, easy to implement, and accurate in real-time.

3. Complying with regulatory law

Driving has strict rules to follow. This is true of regular journeys, but ramps up significantly for professional trips in the UK. You have to ensure drivers don’t smoke in the vehicle, use their mobile phone, break the speed limit or ignore health and safety. Furthermore, there’s the matter of pollution limits – the EU restricts high-emission vehicles on the road, so you might be caught off-guard for any that don’t comply.

4. A lack of specialised software

Technology is a wonderful thing, and you should explore it to the greatest advantage when asking how to manage a fleet of vehicles. Solutions exist for so many things, from bookkeeping and finance through to rigorous diagnostics tools. Allstar play a role, too, in the scheme of where your resources are being spent. Our Fuel Cards track and catalogue expense costs for business travel, streamlining your records and cutting off the tax percentage at the point of sale.

Do you empathise with our four fleet management grievances, to which there’s an answer for every topic? Call us today for further support as your fleet grows and diversifies. There’s power in foresight; we’d like you to take as much of it as you can.

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