5 reasons your business needs ServicePoint

03 April


Getting your fleet in fighting shape is no easy task.

From MOTs and diagnostics to fast-moving tyre repairs, there’s a litany of problems to solve as your vehicles keep you moving. We expect that faults are going to happen; the question is how do you negate them, or limit the impact in a cost-effective way?

An Allstar fuel card could be what you’re looking for, particularly the ServicePoint feature.

As well as saving on fuel payments, we help you fix, maintain and track the health of your fleet as it weathers the pressures of your business.

See the top five advantages for ServicePoint below:

1. We have a huge discount repair network

At its core, the Allstar fuel card is just that – a physical card for employee allowances. You can link it to an expense account, separating these costs from other areas of the organisation and making it easier to claim tax breaks. ServicePoint is very similar, but gives an even greater discount than the 20% typical relief. It works via our cards and can be used at over 9,000 garage throughout the UK. Since we’ve approved each of them, quality is assured and you can save as much as 30% on a repair fee. 

2. Bookings are incredibly simple and transparent

There’s no sense wasting time hunting for a repair centre you can trust. As a fleet manager, you want fast, reliable action so a vehicle is back to its best. ServicePoint enables direct bookings with our affiliates. Whether you need a new set of windows, a solution for engine trouble or any precise operational fix, ServicePoint lets you mark it in the calendar. Our accompanying Allstar web portal lays out locations, numbers, prices and more at your feet.

3. Invoice management is easier

Following on from this, you’ll quickly realise that invoices are a lot easier to handle. ServicePoint, as we’ve discussed, separates expense claims from the rest of your professional outgoings. Yet it also generates invoices for your Allstar fuel card account, ready for submission to the garage. Anything that saves effort and admin on this front is a welcome change for your fleet management. 

4. Service history is never a struggle

Another sore spot for fleet leaders is how to determine what a car, van, truck or motorcycle has been through so far, either during your activities or with another owner. Tracking your service history is very important. A digital solution like ours can store and compare service stats over many years. There are no blank spaces to fill – all of it is there in a convenient package.

5. Great reminders for work that’s due

Saying that, it’s possible for even the most diligent fleet manager to forget when they’re meant to send a vehicle in for maintenance. That’s why we designed ServicePoint to notify users of a service schedule. New tyres, diagnostic results, MOTs and road tests all crop up when the date is fast approaching. Since you’re alerted in advance, there’s no risk of a last-minute order to tell drivers about their repair/maintenance booking, throwing their day off-kilter.

While an Allstar fuel card by itself is a great investment, our ServicePoint abilities could prove to be even more of a benefit to your fleet.

Why not try it out today? Call our team for more details, or choose the card that’s right for you.

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