A look at our Business Mileage Monitor System

25 March


Not only do we offer an efficient fuel card, but we also offer a comprehensive business mileage monitor system.

Simple, yet incredibly effective, our business mileage monitor system makes managing your driver’s fuel expenses easy and stress-free. This system works in combination with all of the fuel cards we offer. This means that you get a completely automated system, which is fully integrated with your business’s fuel cards, providing you with an effective fuel management solution. Here’s a closer look at what our Business Mileage Monitor system has to offer. 

Why the Allstar Business Mileage Monitor System

Our BMM System is very easy to use and implement. With this system, you can accurately measure the mileage of your drivers. You will no longer encounter problems like over reimbursement or under reimbursement of fuel costs. You will have to spend less time on administration of fuel costs, and, therefore, can spend more time on more important areas of your business. 

Features of the Allstar Business Mileage Monitor System

When you use our services, you receive fuel cards that can be used in a plethora of places across the UK, ranging from small petrol stations to large supermarket stations. With these cards, you also get access to our BMM System. This system offers a number of advantageous features.

Firstly, you can view and run management reporting on all of your business’s drivers and you can receive complete details on all of the journeys your drivers take. This means that you are able to fully track your driver’s routes and locations. You can also view pence per mile calculations, so you can calculate exactly how much your driver’s are costing you in fuel per mile.

With our system, your drivers no longer need to keep receipts, as fuel is paid for using one of our fuel cards, and mileage is automatically tracked using our BMM System. With our system, which is 100% HMRC-complaint, you can claim all of your business’s fuel VAT. 

Benefits of the Allstar Business Mileage Monitor System

Simple, hassle-free and incredibly easy to use, our Allstar BMM System offers a wide range of benefits. Firstly, our system provides you with a highly accurate calculation of your driver’s mileage, both private and business. It also breaks down all of your driver’s fuel card transactions, making them easier for you to track, and giving you an itemised VAT invoice. Most importantly, however, our BMM System makes tracing and managing fuel consumption a much easier, and much less stressful.

Our system makes things much less stressful for both you and your business. You no longer have to track your driver’s mileage, and your drivers don’t have to keep receipts for the fuel they purchase.

Finally, with the Allstar Business Mileage Monitor, you ensure that you legally comply with the HMRC’s requirements for accurate fuel tracking. If you don’t properly record the mileage of your driver’s, then your business may have to pay a penalty of up to £6000.

Ultimately, our Business Mileage Monitor makes tracking and monitoring your driver’s fuel expenses a much easier process.

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You can find our fuel card calculator here.

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