Checks Everybody Should Be Doing On Their Car

21 September


Engine?....check! Wheels?...Check!....

Did you know that there are some common checks everybody should be doing on their own cars and fleet vehicles that could save them considerable time and money in the long run?

You may not even have to take the vehicle to the mechanic for frequent check-ups if you learn how to do them yourself. In addition, you could also eliminate the possibility of breakdowns and other types of malfunctions.

As the old saying goes, if you take care of your car, it will take care of you!

All these checks take very little time and effort and could be all that stand between you and a major breakdown or a huge bill at the mechanics!

Follow these simple checks for a happy and healthy car or fleet:

  • Check your car fluids on a periodic basis. This includes oil, power steering fluids, brake fluids, transmission fluids of the engine coolant, and wiper fluids. Remember to only check fluids when the engine has cooled down. The oil, power steering fluids and brake fluids have dipsticks so it is easy to check if their levels are acceptable. In newer models, this may have been replaced with an electronic gauge. You should top up fluids as and when necessary.
  • Check your air filters regularly, as it can adversely affect the performance of the engine or the efficiency of fuel.
  • Always ensure that your spare tyre is in good shape and that your jack is in the car.
  • Check your engine temperature from the gauge after the engine has become a little warm.
  • Check your tyres periodically so you can catch signs of any wear and tear that could save you from an unexpected punctured or blown tyre.
  • Make sure there are no leaks under the car as this can indicate that either the radiator, brakes, or steering is compromised.
  • Change the oil in your filter.
  • Check that all your directional lights and headlights are in working condition. Enlist a willing helper for assistance with this.
  • Check the levels of screen wash and top this up regularly. During summer and winter, it is good to add an additive to the screenwash.
  • Clean the headlamps, fog lights, and brake lights regularly.
  • Check the pressure in the tyres on a monthly basis. This can be done at many supermarkets or with an air pressure gauge.
  • Check your spark plugs for any damages and change if needed. Damaged sparkplugs can cause breakdowns.

Doing these checks on a regular basis is a great way of keeping your vehicle healthy in the long run.

For more information about keeping your vehicle healthy, visit the AA’s website for even more tips.

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