Did you know…?

25 March


The Allstar fuel network is the UK’s largest by far. 

The Allstar Classic Card is accepted at 7,600 fuel stations of which circa 1800 are discount diesel outlets

Allstar is the only fuelcard that’s accepted by all four main supermarket fuel stations

It’s actually impossible to replicate the Allstar fuel network with any other combination of fuelcards – you’d need six different cards to get close, and over 1500 don’t accept any fuelcards other than Allstar.

In 2014, over 42 million fill ups were paid for with an Allstar card

You can pay for tyres, windscreens, batteries, wipers, exhausts, AdBlue, red diesel, LPG, car washes, oil, mileage monitoring, CO2 offset, liability protection and more on your Allstar card and get combined invoicing and VAT reporting on the lot

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