Do’s and Don’ts for insurance

04 September


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Finding the best car insurance for your car is often a troublesome path to take. There are more than 160 car insurance companies in the UK alone so choosing the right one can sometimes be like hunting for a needle in a haystack. If you are shopping around for the best deal and trying to cut down on bills, or if you’re looking for first time car insurance, there are some big do’s and don’ts that could help you avoid any problems.


Check what the insurance covers

Whether you are re-evaluating your current insurance or looking for a new one, checking what the insurance really covers will save you any unexpected big fees. A common mistake people make when choosing an insurance company is not reading what they cover them against. Car insurance companies offer different packages and each one varies slightly. If in doubt, ask the insurer directly what you will be covered against if you take out their policy.

Compare different companies

With so many car insurance companies operating in the UK, finding which one is the best fit for you can be a long task. Comparing the different companies will help you to make an informed decision on which one offers the right cover for you. Comparison websites like and can do most of the leg work for you and each site generally compares around 100 different insurance companies to find the best deal based on what you are after. Unfortunately these sites don’t cover every insurance company so looking elsewhere may also prove beneficial.

Look for ways to make your insurance cheaper

There are a number of ways to cut costs on your insurance without reducing your policy to the bare minimum.  The car you drive has a big impact on insurance costs so choosing one that has a lower insurance price will save you a considerable amount of money. This also applies to any alterations done to existing cars as many modifications can push up the price of insurance. For saving money over time, taking an extra driving course or paying your insurance in one lump sum each year can help to reduce the overall cost.


Get unnecessary coverage

Checking your coverage policy doesn’t just mean seeing what you are covered for but also seeing what you don’t need to be covered for. Many additions to car insurance will top up bills but are also unneeded for some drivers. Removing additions to your insurance like car rental will decrease costs. However while this will save money you will need to be prepared if you do eventually have to use a service like this.

Be tempted to lie

When filling out your care insurance forms many people are tempted to alter facts that they know will end up increasing the cost of the insurance. This includes naming a parent as the main driver instead of a young driver to avoid larger fees. Lying on the insurance forms will more than likely come back to haunt you if you do get into an accident. It is thought that more than a thousand claims a year are rejected because of false information on car insurance forms.

Opt for the cheapest

While it is tempting to choose the cheapest car insurance available for your car, it can also end up being an expensive mistake. The cheapest car insurance may not cover you as much as you need it to and ones that are a little bit more expensive could provide much better cover. Instead of looking for the cheapest overall cover, look for the cheapest insurance for the cover that you need.

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