Driver behaviour analysis

09 March


The Road to Cost-Efficiency: How Fleet Managers Can Track Drivers’ Buying Behaviour 

Fuel and maintenance costs are a huge drain for established businesses with large fleets to manage. Putting faith in a drivers’ ability to track how much they’re spending simply isn’t enough. Instead, to drive cost-efficiencies in your own fleet management, driver behaviour analysis is essential.

Here are a few tangible ways to track the activity of your drivers, so that you can identify and seize opportunities to save money:

Invest in a fuel card scheme

The first issue is how to separate fuel payments from other expenses your drivers make on their journey. Fuel cards, such as those available from Allstar, help fleet managers see what’s been charged at relevant petrol or diesel points in the UK. You can set up user profiles using the card’s management software, so that every member of the fleet is accountable for what they’ve purchased.

Fuel cards like the Allstar One membership save on the face-value price by calculating your due tax break for business expenditure. This is then deducted from fuel costs as drivers make payments when they’re out on the road. Additionally, by setting prescribed limits on the type of purchases a driver can make – e.g. only X litres can be bought per day – you can control driver behaviour and reduce the chance of fraudulent transactions occurring.

Integrate with GPS monitoring

Tracking your drivers’ physical location offers essential insights into how their navigational choices affect the fuel you buy. So ensure your cars, trucks or motorcycles have GPS built 
into them. As journeys are displayed in real-time, you can then see which routes are being taken, how fast a driver may be moving, and how this affects fuel economy.

In conjunction with a fuel card system, you can also direct vehicles to the nearest fuel station. Additionally, a business mileage monitor lets you know who is doing more miles to the gallon, a handy tool to have when you are building out driver profiles.  

Pre-approve repair work

A driver may run into problems on the road and might require a repair centre that can fix engine, wheel, exhaust or door/window trouble. They may be unaware of where the best deals are – another reason to monitor what they’re paying for at your expense.

Our ServicePoint network is very helpful in this regard. It’s an online service reserved for Allstar customers, providing an average 30% savings discount on garage inspections and repairs, while new parts can receive up to 15% off the regular price. Bookings can be made by the fleet manager themselves, ensuring drivers turn up to the right repair station on-time.

Our Allstar fuel cards and services streamline your fleet management capabilities without cutting corners in your logistics.

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