Fleet and fuel management best practices

20 April


Fleet management often ends up costing companies far more than it should.

In many instances, business owners are content to let their fleet run itself; signing the necessary paperwork when a new vehicle is needed. But, taking more of a hands-on approach has the potential to save you thousands of pounds on company cars.

The good news is that there are dozens of easy ways to cut back on spending. It’s all about adopting best fleet practices and smart fuel management systems. Here, we examine ways in which you can boost cost-efficiency and bolster business budgets overall.

Enhance vehicle performance

Tightening your grip on fleet costs involves taking advantage of the best software available on the market.

There are all kinds of programmes designed to slot seamlessly into various fleet management software, including diagnostics, route mapping, contract and fuel use monitoring equipment.

Taking advantage of these tools gives drivers the chance to minimise costs at every turn, but it’s also worth putting your vehicles through frequent tests to determine their own levels of fuel efficiency.

Educate drivers on best practices

You need to be sure that the people you have behind the wheel are adhering to fuel-efficient driving standards. Consider enrolling them on to courses and provide information packs on how to save fuel as they go. To keep costs down, your fleet needs to consist of safe, careful drivers who are willing to embrace efficient practices. 

Take time to communicate policies and fuel management systems with drivers and managers. Create an easily-understandable, readily-accessible operations document that staff can view at any time by storing it on the company intranet (perhaps providing them with a hard copy just in case). 

Improve relationships with suppliers

It’s also worth taking your time to shop around for vendors who are a good fit for you. A strong relationship with vendors increases the chance of you receiving the best service levels and fastest resolutions. If they’re willing to go to great lengths to help you, it’ll open up precious windows of time to work on developing your fleet further.

Most importantly of all; when you’re not waiting around, neither are your customers.

Fuel cards, like those from Allstar, are a simple, easy way in which to trim fleet prices, and smart fuel management systems enable you to get the most from your fuel card. By conducting a bit of research on how to run a fleet, you’ll develop an understanding of company cars that lets you pick out the best fuel card for your circumstances.

If you’re determined to lower costs but can’t decide which fuel card might be right, all you need to do is request a callback from Allstar. Our experts will be delighted to speak with you and explore the perfect fleet management solution for your business.

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