Fleet management in 2018: Allstar’s perspective

20 April


2018 will be a significant year for business transport.

Fleet networks are about to face lots of change – some of which they may not be ready for.

Are you in dark about what’s coming? Our experts have compiled an outlook on the likely developments set for fleet management this year. Here’s our take on what’s ahead.

More uncertainty over Brexit

Great Britain is only a small part of worldwide trade. The big automotive brands are still circling nervously around Brexit talks, wondering whether their UK facilities should be kept or discarded. However, with the EU departure penned for March 2019, we’ll start to get a sense of how European manufacturers will respond.

Prices may start to rise pre-emptively for vehicles sold through the European Single Market towards the end of 2018. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ warning that this could lower UK car production levels.

The slow abandonment of diesel 

To cut the national CO₂ footprint, the government has approved several forms of financial dissuasion for diesel cars and vans. From April 2018, first-year company car tax will be 4% greater than a petrol alternative, up from 3%.

Clean Air Zone plans are being drawn up for cities beyond London, too, which will penalise diesel in the near future. It may best to trade in your diesel model now, or to explore scrappage schemes that give a discount on a new purchase.

Reduced emissions leeway for capital gains claims

In addition to this, the Autumn Budget last year outlined changes to the CO2 band you’re liable to claim under capital gains tax rates. The carbon output is being limited to encourage cleaner energy investment. Instead of getting an 18% allowance from the cost of the vehicle if it’s running at 75g/km-130g/km, the top level will be brought down to 110g/km.

That means more fleet managers are going to prefer newer, low-carbon models that stay within the 75g/km-11g/km bracket. Again, we encourage you to join them – eco initiatives are starting to have a real impact on where we can save money.

Preparing for GDPR

Telematics are picking up interest, as fleet owners seek to direct and communicate with their drivers remotely. We’ve written before about how useful they can be, yet it’s vital to tell your team how that information is processed, stored and secured. That’s a result of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) being enacted from the 25th May, 2018.

It affects all EU member states and demands that companies prove their data security system is in line with best practices. Non-compliance will lead to a huge fine in the event of a breach. Get up to speed about GDPR, because it’s a simmering responsibility that almost every fleet manager will have to face.

The above is just a snapshot of what to expect from changes in the sector over the next 12 months. But with Allstar on your side, you’ll weather the developments easily, saving cash on key business expenses. Got a question? Get in touch with our team for more information.

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