Fleet management software advice from the professionals

16 March


We should use the latest technology, whenever possible, to streamline our vehicle control procedures.

But fleet management software is not a quick and simple fix, you have to know which of these tools is a best fit for the scope of your investment.

There are dozens of solutions competing for your time and money. We’ve done the hard work for you, sifting through fleet management software to help you narrow down the options. Read on for apps and packages that will make your trucks, cars, bikes and drivers more efficient:


‘Telematics’ is the buzzword of the moment for fleet businesses. It stands for software that monitors of your vehicles’ health. Prices starting from just £23.99 for the TONWON Bluetooth OBD2 Car Code Reader, compatible with any diesel car built after 2003 (2001  for petrol). It measures factors such as fuel trim, coolant temperature and pressure intake.

On the much higher end of the scale, the Autel Maxisys Pro totals almost £2,000, yet can do almost everything a professional mechanic can. This includes tapping into your vehicle’s operating system for a reset, whilst retrieving its VIN number for classification tasks.

Route mapping

From head office to individual drivers, everyone in the fleet should have a clear view of vehicle routes. WorkWave is one of the best mapping tools in the sector. It automates the quickest routes, but updates them within seconds to factor load limits, work breaks, layovers and traffic reports.

WorkWave also features a drag-and-drop capability with programmed driver alerts. You can compare the planned journey to where the driver chooses to go, comparing their stats over weeks and months.

Contract and service updates 

The majority of fleet management software can notify you when updates are due. However, some do this better than others – Fleetio is at the top of the pile for a clear, accurate display of what servicing and maintenance is needed on your vehicles.

Service costs are totted up in the left hand side of your dashboard. Alongside them, you’ll receive reminders for vehicle/contract renewals. You can also track replacement parts for any servicing obligations, showing the full inventory of your business. There’s a Pro plan or a Basic package, and you can pay monthly (starting from £74) or annually.

Fuel monitoring

Having an overview of GPS, operating efficiency and scheduled renewals is good, but fleet management software can still do more for your organisation. A prime example is fuel tracking – seeing where your fleet’s expenditure lies and compile it all to be HMRC-complaint.

You need to ensure you have robust fleet management software in place and manage your fleet efficiently. We offer a range of other services to support your fleet, from ServicePoint to the Business Mileage Monitor and many more. Get in touch to discuss the best option for you and your business.


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