Fleet Point - Site of the Month May 2015

17 April


The FleetPoint website is the online trade publication of the fleet industry in the UK.

It is also the largest and the best site out there that receives more than 30,000 visitors on a monthly basis. Its weekly newsletter alone goes out to 100,000 readers who are key decision makers in the fleet industry in the UK.

FleetPoint is committed to its mission of reaching out to the bus, van, car, and HGV fleet managers in the UK with the latest and most reliable news that will help them make better choices and decisions. It also provides information related to jobs in the industry that have been helpful to thousands of people in the UK.

What makes the FleetPoint website the site of the month? What makes it outstanding in a pool of world class sites? The FleetPoint website is designed to have an intuitive and easy to navigate interface. You can zero in on what you are looking for in little to no time at all. Each and every one of the articles is in-depth and well researched. The home page gives you a bird’s eye view of the latest news and blogs. You can see what are the latest test drives as well as the editor’s picks.

The FleetPoint website also has useful tools that help professionals in the fleet industry make more informed decisions. There are tools that help calculate costs of running a van or a car or the cost of fuel. There is also an EV charging point map so you always know where the nearest station is to charge your electric vehicle. There is also a ‘Report a Pothole’ feature that helps collect data on street faults from the drivers themselves, which helps the councils in charge rectify issues sooner.

The news category on the FleetPoint site is organized into categories that make it easy for fleet professionals to find the news that will most help them make important decisions in their day to day working life. There is news by subject, ranging from economic, environmental, law and legislature, manufacturing, people, general motoring, and new vehicle. There is news sorted according to vehicle, whether bus, coach, van or truck. The business directory on the website is a very comprehensive resource to find products and services related to the fleet industry, whether it is in accident and repair, breakdown and delivery, contract hires and leasing, fleet consultants to fleet managers, and many more.

The New Cars section features informative reviews of the latest cars that have hit the market as well as the latest news related to new cars, including launches of limited edition cars. The FleetPoint team also endeavors to give its readers a first-hand experience of what it is like to drive new cars with its engaging articles in the Test Drive section.

The Expert blogs feature articles that provide fresh perspectives and inform readers of the latest trends in the fleet industry, whether it is about the telematics software or about choosing the right lubricants to increase your CV’s performance.

It is because of the dedicated and committed approach of the FleetPoint website to provide news, articles, and tools that help professionals in the fleet industry achieve their potential that makes it the best site of the month.

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