The top 4 ways to cut rising fleet costs

30 August


The current economic climate demands that organisations have the strategies, tools and insights they need to manage better costs

Cost saving is at the heart of all successful businesses, regardless of sector. It is a strategic pillar that is increasingly the focus of managers – particularly those who rely on a fleet of vehicles to carry out fundamental operations.

So what are the three biggest things you should focus on to help cut fleet costs, and how can Allstar help you to minimise your spend?

  1.        Use technology to spot fleet inefficiencies

Technology and data are paving the way when it comes to driving greater business efficiencies.

From mileage to maintenance logs, data from fleet vehicles can give you a wealth of information to help improve your fuel efficiency. With data, you can tailor driver training programmes and improve behaviour and techniques across your company.

However, in order to do this, they must have access to comprehensive management information to collect and analyse data effectively. One way they can do this is through telematics.

Through telematics, you can access a more intricate level of vehicle data. For instance, you can better understand which routes drivers are taking, how efficiently they are driving when looking at fuel consumption, and how average speeds affect overall efficiencies.

You can combine your Allstar data into telematics solutions to help you manage your fleet. By accessing your Allstar fuel card and combining it with telematics, you can track fuel efficiency, spend and usage, creating useful reports.

  1.        Stay on top of maintenance

The way a vehicle is maintained can have an enormous impact on fuel efficiency.

Dirty fuel injectors and air cleaning elements of your engine will affect your vehicle’s fuel burning processes during combustion, meaning that your vehicle will need to use more fuel to produce the same amount of power. Conversely, an incorrect tyre pressure or driving on worn tyres will lose grip or traction on the road, so the tyre needs to spin fasted to move, taking a toll on your fuel economy.

If you maintain your own vehicles, ServicePoint can transform your fleet maintenance. Access to thousands of franchised and independent garages nationwide and book any service, maintenance and repair needs – including tyres – online. ServicePoint delivers generous discounts on all your vehicle service needs. There is no need for your drivers to complete an expense form – all transactions will be itemised on your single, consolidated HMRC-compliant invoice. That means less paperwork for you, too.

  1.        Maximise convenience for fleet managers

Your Allstar card allows you to ease up your administration and focus on your business instead. All of your purchases are combined on to one, HMRC-compliant invoice, which reports things like mileage, fuel type and cost per litre. As well as simplifying your administration, you can ensure that you can reclaim the VAT you are entitled to.

With your own online reporting suite you can oversee your purchasing and check your drivers’ behaviour and fuel spend, but you can also oversee your cards. Whether you need to order new cards, cancel old cards and export card data, you can run your account the best way for your business.

  1.        Keep up to date with the fuel market

Making sure that you know what is happening in the fuel industry is important. Here at Allstar, our dedicated account managers will make sure that you feel confident in every aspect of your fuel management. Taking a different approach from competitors, we provide strategic and consultative fuel advice, ensuring you can stay on top of everything from your account and drivers to the fuel market and fuel network updates.

An enthusiastic, expert account manager can help you build your own fuel policy. We sit down with you every quarter to discuss your fuel spend, reviewing your account and making sure you are saving every penny you can. Our account managers will guide you so that your fuel management stays solid and your fuel policy works for you.

With our large UK network, we have a thorough insight into fuel spend habits and trends, which we pass down to you. Keeping you in the know about network sites, changes in the fuel market and shifts across the industry will mean that you know how to approach your fuelling, so you can make the most out of every drop.

For more information on ways to increase your fuel efficiency, you can contact your Account Manager, who will be able to guide you.

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