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18 December


Date: January 16, 2019

Time: 10-10.45 am.

Duration: 45 mins

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An Inside View… news, views and facts about the fuel landscape

Presenter: Paul Holland.

The 1st in our series of webinars on issues facing fleet management and the fuels market in the UK today.

With increased volatility in global fuel pricing, driven by a range of economic, environmental and political factors – what does it mean for the UK fleet or company vehicle operator? What can we expect the fuel landscape of 2019 and beyond to look like? How could acts of God, shifting alliances and other world events affect the supply and price of fuel over the next 12 months?

While we don’t have a crystal ball, we do have decades of experience of the fuel market to draw on.  Our fuel cards enable over 38,000 UK businesses to keep their 1.1 million drivers on the road: making deliveries, taking orders, meeting clients and colleagues, giving presentations, and all the other activities that are essential to the success of every business.

Every time one of our fuel cards is used, it gives our customers valuable information about each journey. And it gives us information that is unattainable elsewhere about fleets and fuel prices, outside influencing factors, journeys and driver behaviour.  In short, it helps us to know the fuel market inside out. 

Focus on fuel

We’ve worked with many thousands of customers -and suppliers- over the past 30 years, developing our products to provide innovative payment solutions for fuel. This focus has given us an unparalleled knowledge of the fuel landscape: knowledge you could be using in your own business.

Join Our Chief Operating Officer, Paul Holland, as he shares the insight gained from working with businesses such as yours. This series of webinars aims to do just that. Paul has over 25 years of experience in both fleet management and fuel pricing, making him an ideal presenter for this webinar.

Join him on our webinar and find out our thoughts about the year ahead, including:

- the facts on oil-pricing, external influencing factors and future price predications.

- how changing landscapes, such as Brexit, could impact fuel, whether in terms of supply or cost  especially with exchange rates uncertainty.

- the potential future challenges facing fleet and fuel that we’ve identified – and the solutions.

Paul Holland.

Chief Operating Officer at FLEETCOR

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