Gadgets for your Fleet

21 September


There has never been a wider range of in-vehicle accessories available for Britain’s professional drivers.

But which ones will really help you – and which are a waste of money? We’ve consulted fleet driving experts and picked six of the best up-to-date motoring gadgets:

Dash cam

Simply record all your work journeys with one of the new, small, very affordable dashcams, like the Garmin 20. Keep the footage on memory cards. It helps counter fraudulent insurance claims, can defend you in any legal action and records how damage was done to the vehicle while it was parked and unattended.


A drink-drive conviction can be catastrophic for a professional driver yet the legally permitted alcohol levels are different, even between England and Scotland. Is the drink from last night still in your system? Make sure you’re always under the limit by using one of the latest cost-effective portable breathalysers, like the Alcosense or VicTsing units.

Engine data reader

The xTool iOBD2 turns your smartphone into a clever gadget that monitors everything going on under your bonnet. Best of all, it does this wirelessly. The software provides technical data about important things like fuel efficiency, radiator temperature and braking performance. Most importantly for fleet operators it can give warnings of any engine faults before they become bad enough to cause an expensive breakdown.

Road Angel Gem

What’s the speed limit on this stretch now? It may have changed. Avoid speeding fines and penalty points, and even accidents, with this small dash-mounted device, which prominently displays the current speed limit wherever you are driving. It also warns you of speed cameras and accident blackspots.

Eco app

You’re bound to save on fuel by using a mobile app like STR EcoDriving Lite or Fuel Good that tell you how efficiently you are driving. They can turn eco-driving into a fun daily challenge. More advanced apps like Garmin’s ecoRoute can turn your smartphone into a real-time journey computer, with useful engine performance data and precise fuel consumption data.

Phone & tablet mount

With increasing numbers of working drivers using their phones or tablets to help them in various ways while driving, from GPS route-finding to streaming music, a top quality mounting system becomes vital. Velcro or sticky tape is no longer good enough. Macally now supply a premium range of adjustable and secure holders.

While these are just some of the best products within the current motoring gadgets market, there appears to be an in-vehicle accessory for every professional driver’s needs.

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