How can Journey Planning help with Fuel Economy

17 March


All businesses, no matter what the industry, would like to reduce the amount of money that they spend on fuel.

Petrol and diesel prices can be high and when your company operates fleets of vehicles, the price of fuel can quickly add up. While you can’t do anything about the cost of fuel, there are things that you can do to ensure that your fuel costs are as low as possible. Journey planning can help exponentially with fuel economy. The more economical a driver is with their fuel, the less they will use, and the less money it will cost you.

How can Planning a Journey help with Fuel Economy

Avoid Traffic Jams and Congestion: Nowadays, GPS systems, and maps online can warn you about areas that are congested, like places where road works are occurring. They can also warn you about traffic jams, and road closures. When a driver gets stuck in a traffic jam or on a congested street where there are roadworks occurring, then they will be stop-start driving. Stop-start driving uses more fuel, and therefore, costs your business more money. By planning a driving route beforehand, your drivers can reduce their risk of getting caught up in traffic congestion.

Discover Quicker and more Direct Routes: Often, drivers don’t take the quickest or most direct route to their intended location. This means that they use more fuel than necessary. By planning their journey beforehand, drivers can find better routes, and as a result save themselves time by reaching their location quicker and use less fuel in the process. If a driver takes the most direct route to their location, then they will use fuel much more economically.

Reduce the Chance of Getting Lost: In unfamiliar or more remote areas, drivers can often get lost. When a driver gets lost, they end up using more fuel, in order to get back onto their intended route. Planning a journey reduces the chance of your drivers getting lost and therefore, it assists with fuel economy.

Planning your Driver’s Journeys

Planning a journey does not have to be difficult or time-consuming, but it can save your business a great deal of money. Utilize maps and GPS to properly plan your driver’s journeys. Make sure that you take the time to choose the quickest and most direct routes for your drivers. Also keep up to date with traffic news, to ensure that your drivers don’t get caught up in any congestion.

As well as journey, planning, having an efficient fuel payments system and mileage tracker in place can also help your business to save money on fuel. A fuel card ensures that your company only pays for fuel that a driver uses during work time. With a pay and reclaim fuel system, many drivers claim too much on their fuel expenses, leaving companies short of cash. With All Star Fuel Card, you can keep track of your employees’ expenses more efficiently.

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