How the Allstar Co-Pilot app can benefit you and your fleet

19 December


2016 saw us launch our brand new app, Co-Pilot which is compatible with all iOS devices.

The app takes away the stress of finding Allstar compatible fuel sites as it comes with a GPS guide helping navigate to your nearest petrol station. There are also a number of other benefits that our app brings and here’s a quick overview of how it can help you:

Organised from the off

Helping you with every commute, the app allows you to type in your route, and will notify you of all compatible stations along the way at the touch of a button. This means that you can get organised quickly and efficiently from the off, and avoid any timewasting trying to find compatible stations.

Never be stranded again

A great benefit of the app is the way in which you can filter the station you need to go to. For example, if you’re doing a late-night drive and are in need of a fill-up, you can simply apply the ‘24 hour’ filter to identify your nearest all-night stations. The ability to find stations nearby means that Co-pilot can not only help plan routes, but can also be used spontaneously in the event of a fuel emergency. This function means you’re prepared for every eventuality, and will never breakdown en-route due to lack of fuel.

A tailored service

At Allstar, we appreciate that our customers have a range of different fleet types and sizes; from truck fleets to small business fleets, every driver and firm has their own needs. The app caters for exactly this, allowing you to differentiate crucial factors such as HGV specific stops, search radius and your specific type of fuel card. This means that our app is compatible with all of our cards. 

Map compatible

Finally, our recent update means that the app can now be used to launch Google Maps. So the next time you are planning a complex route and need compatible stations on the way, you can launch Google Maps app for extra route information.

 You can download Allstar Co-Pilot, compatible with iOS devices, here

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